Poachers hunt wild boars, which are responsible for much damage in Limoux

As every August 15, the association of hunters of Limoux opens the boar hunting this Monday. Hunting is now necessary, the herds are causing more and more damage to the town, either near the houses or in the vineyards.

If they affect the harvest, the high temperatures this summer in 2022 will cause other problems for the vines. In fact, the drought pushed the animals and especially the wild pigs to look for water everywhere, starting from the grapes. “With wild boars it becomes more and more complicated and even he kills himself more and more”, pointed out Philippe Satgé. With about twenty of his colleagues, the president of the association of hunters in Limoux opened the hunt for this big game on Monday, August 15.

A hunt done “required” according to him due to the proliferation of species, especially due to the reduction of agricultural land. “We have fewer and fewer farmers. So the fields are abandoned, they’re left untended and replaced by bushes. And that at once is not good for small game, but it’s very good for wild boar. “ The land around Limoux is very flat “cannot enter”the species breeds freely around buildings, thus reducing its fear of humans.

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At the city gates

“Before we left for hunting, they fled with a small slam of the door, said Pierre Satgé. Now not anymore”. On the contrary, the invasions become more and more frequent: a dog paid the price in a suburban area in June. “We were told about it in the Bel Air district, Linotte street, and even in the cemetery”lists the president of the Limoux hunters’ association. “Last year, the Aude hunting federation spent 400,000 euros in damage to professionals, that is farmers, winegrowers or even market gardeners”.

In Limouxin, there are no wolves or bears: the wild boar has no predators except hunters.

Due to the lack of wolves and bears in the area, hunters are the only predators of wild pigs. So they continued hunting “the only solution” to prevent their spread. Which is also not covered by a plan that determines the maximum number of animals to be killed. “We also organized hunts, to keep them away from crops and houses. But now they are back almost a week later”. Especially the hunters “less and less”, as another symptom of rural decline.

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Then there remains the solution of fences, an expensive but useful installation in the long term according to Philippe Satgé. “The federation costs them up to 50,000 euros, or half the bill.”

A safe search

Philippe Satgé assured us: for the association of hunters in Limoux, everyone’s safety is a priority. “Alcohol is absolutely forbidden. If you are going to hold a weapon you must be in control and have a clear mind”, said the president of the association. Fluorescent vests, signage, walkie-talkies to warn the passing of any mountain bikers or hikers… nothing is left to chance. “The hunting license is not like that, you have to pass a theoretical and practical exam, like a driving license”, the hunter recalled. However it invites users of the Limoux woods to “common sense” and to listen for signs indicating that the hunt is on.

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