Pauline throws everything away in her relationship in bed with Damien …

Married at first sight never ceasing to surprise us. Fans of the cult M6 show will actually keep going from twist to twist. And on Monday, May 23, it’s the couple Pauline and Damien who will be one of the spotlights. We will be able to find them and see that they will continue to face setbacks. Remember, this couple whose car broke down after the ceremony!

Maybe the phrase “rainy wedding, happy wedding” lend yourself to this kind of situation? In fact, if they can overcome obstacles in their marriage, they will be much stronger after that. And logically, Objeko tell you about the rest of this article. For, Pauline and Damien will fly for their honeymoon and spend the night together! If it’s a couple of Married at first sight after her reunion, Pauline relies on the M6’s cameras…

This couple of Married at first sight did not hide a secret from the audience

Pauline and Damien are so enthusiastic about getting married that they can make some mistakes while speaking in front of M6 cameras. In fact, it is possible that some of the fans of Married at first sight think they are embarrassed or uncomfortable. And there may be some truth to that. But in general, mainly because they are overwhelmed with joy and that they thrive in unknown territory as they do elsewhere. Lovebirds are one of those couples where the public has high hopes for the future. Pauline and Damien seem determined to make this story. Gradually, their stress will disappear and they will be able to discover themselves more.

Precisely, the discovery will go even further if they are able to spend their first night together. The first night as husband and wife, the audience on Married at first sight hope perfect for them. Also, according to our colleagues from the magazine All TV, who was able to watch the stage ahead of Salto, from the first night a tactical rapprochement took place between Pauline and Damien. In fact, waking up from this wedding night, the young woman would have explained to the M6 ​​cameras that she was spending an enjoyable time with Damien. “The night was fluid, we slept inside each other.», did he say. Afterwards, he realized he was playing, he laughed.

Right or wrong, we have to believe that our newlyweds were good on their first night as husband and wife. The audience of Married at first sight believe what he wants. In fact, some slips are more revealing than others. However, Objeko saw no reason to doubt Pauline’s word. Because it was so quick after, she was talking about the activity that took place under her clothes between her and her husband!

A bright revelation that could embarrass the couple’s relatives

Honeymoon directions then for the newlyweds. So Pauline and Damien are not at the end of their troubles. After Pauline’s mother fell ill during the ceremony and the car broke down, their plane was late. It was too late for them to miss their connection. Obviously, the public at Married at first sight might think this couple had bad luck. But in Objekowe prefer to believe that if they can without hesitation in the face of adversity, it is one way that fate should tell them that their story will be better and better.

As proof, the story of one of the nights of their honeymoon! In fact, on the first night, on arriving on the shores of Lake Geneva, in Switzerland, the loaves fell out from exhaustion. But on the second night of their honeymoon, things got serious in Pauline and Damien’s room. According to the candidate Married at first sightthey need to recover from the previous day! “We ended our marriage. It runs very well. », then said the young bride in front of the M6 ​​cameras. It was an important moment for the couple, for fans of the program and for their families, albeit a bit embarrassing at the same time for the latter.

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