Our tips for getting cheap dog or cat insurance

Our pets are often as much a part of the family as our human members. They are everyday companions that it is difficult to do without and when they are sick or have an accident, it is very difficult to think of letting them suffer more than they need to. In general, we turn to a qualified veterinarian or an appropriate clinic in this type of situation. However, veterinary care can quickly become very expensive, and since animals do not have social security, your wallet is directly affected.

When a dog breaks a leg, the bill can quickly run into four figures. And if an older cat develops a chronic illness, medications can easily cost months! The solution to these different situations: have dog or cat insurance. These organizations are responsible for paying most of the veterinary costs, for a monthly subscription that will be paid for the life of your pet. From a simple consultation to a major surgery, animal insurance allows you to lower your vet bills. But you have to choose it well, in terms of service and price. To find the best pet insurance, cheap cat insurance or dog insurance at the best rate, follow the guide.

I found the cheapest cat or dog insurance

Why insure your pet?

If you have decided to bring a pet home, you don’t have to think about all the expenses it may incur. The sterilization and the different vaccines, as well as the identification of your cat or your dog, are all necessary expenses that occur from the first months of life of your four-legged friend. But in addition to that, you may need to take your pet to the vet if it is sick, if it has a bad fall or if it has chronic problems throughout its life.

On average, we keep a cat or dog for fifteen years. It’s hard to imagine that for a long time you won’t have to pay any vet bills other than a routine annual checkup. However, veterinary consultations can quickly become very expensive, as additional examinations are often required to determine what your animal is suffering from. Since this one can’t clearly express his discomfort, a blood test, an X-ray or other measures can be done by the practitioner. And that’s without counting the drugs that come to raise the bill! For all these reasons, getting pet insurance can be very beneficial, as it allows you to pay all or part of the benefits. If the bill reaches 2000 euros for costs related to a broken leg, the possibility to be paid between 50 and 100% of this amount is very beneficial.

How to choose dog or cat insurance at the best price?

Le Parisien’s pet insurance comparator helps you find the best insurance for your dog or cat, all at the best price. But that’s not all, because the comparator Le Parisien is also interested in NAC (new pets) and also allows you to find insurance for a rabbit, a ferret, a parrot, a guinea pig or even a chinchilla. It is necessary to be as accurate as possible in your description of your pet: for once, he is the center of all attention! The price comparison also gives you the opportunity to choose the insurance policy level that interests you the most: economy, medium or premium. The higher you are, the more comprehensive the insurance, but the more expensive it is at the same time.

Once the form is completed, you will quickly have access to a selection of pet insurance with strength in all formulas. It is up to you to choose the one that suits you best, and it is possible to subscribe to it if you feel that it meets your expectations. You can consider the price and the overall service to make the most informed choice for you.

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How much does dog insurance cost?

Dog insurance prices vary greatly depending on several criteria. If we have to talk about a range, it is very wide: between 10 and 25 euros per month. The price of dog insurance depends on:

Your pet’s breed: Insuring a purebred dog tends to cost more than insuring a crossbred dog without a pedigree, mostly because purebred dogs (and more breeds) tend to be weaker.

Age of dog: You should know that most pet insurance companies tend to impose an age limit for insuring dogs. Usually, it is set at 7 years. Some may take up to 10 years, but the cost of insurance is higher.

The level of insurance: Economy insurance should be lower than intermediate or comprehensive insurance, but the level of protection is lower. Usually, the difference is in the level of care covered, but also in the percentage of the amounts returned. It is up to you to see what is the best balance of this monthly cost, which is meant to last for many years.

How much does cat insurance cost?

A cat is an animal that is usually smaller than a dog, but can be out on its own for a good part of the day. This tends to increase the risks that your pet will get. This is why it is worth investing in cat insurance, which usually costs between 7 and 20 euros per month. As with dog insurance, the monthly rate for cat insurance varies according to different criteria.

Cat breed: Not surprisingly, purebred cat insurance costs more than alley cat insurance. This is something to consider when looking for insurance for your pet.

Your cat’s daily life: some insurance companies may ask you if your cat goes outside regularly or stays indoors. Answer this question honestly so you don’t have any surprises when you ask for support.

Age of your cat: as with a dog, most insurances no longer provide coverage from the age of 7, which is the age when the cat becomes “senior”. There are exceptions.

The level of insurance: simple, intermediate or premium insurance, the level of coverage varies greatly, but so does the monthly rate. If you have an alley cat that does not leave your house, you can get simple or intermediate insurance. It is up to you to choose according to your budget.

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