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Appearing in 2019 on Netflix, the animated anthology Love, Death & Robots is back for a short, intense, bizarre and bizarre third season (yes, that’s all!).

From the most poetic to the bloodiest, from the most grating to the most moving, we’ve looked at 9 episodes of this season 3 and we give you our review of this series like no other.

Is Love, Death and Robots season 3 the best?

Will the Netflix series get better over time? While a show like La Casa de Papel has clearly run out of steam on the road, the fourth season of Stranger Things recently proved to us that it’s possible to change yourself on the road or, in any case. case, the spectator is not tired. and with his 8 awesome new episodes, Love, Death & Robots proves it: his season 3 is so good… and probably even better than the previous two!

If you missed this nugget, keep in mind that Love, Death & Robots is an animation anthology, the first volume released in 2019. 18 episodes made by Tim Miller (the man behind Deadpool) and David Fincher (the director of Fight Club, Seven, Mank or even Mindhunter…) and offers a worldview that is often dark and violent, but especially compelling.

In 2021, a much shorter season 2 (only 8 episodes) but equally heterogeneous has landed on Netflix. A time that above all allows us to confirm that Love, Death and Robots is one of the most degraded series to date, if not (actually!) One of the most. So, inevitably, when season 3 unveiled on May 20, 2022, we didn’t take long to throw ourselves into these 9 new episodes!

We have classified 9 episodes in season 3

9 episodes, so it’s a bit more than season 2. But instead of quantity, it’s the quality that interests us. With a duration between 7 and 21 minutes (for a total of 2h08), this season 3 of Love, Death & Robots binge watching a problem -free night! But as much to warn you: certain stages will remain etched on your retina longer.

mao ni our (completely subjective) ranking of these 9 new short films, ranked from “worst” to mostThe

9. The Flock

Tim Miller himself may be leading this episode, it’s one that lacks originality. Adapted from a work by Bruce Sterling, this 17-minute episode takes us into space, where two human researchers (one of whom takes parts of Rosario Dawson) attempt to unravel the mysteries of an ancient extraterrestrial entity. .

It’s about genetic manipulation and weapons going back against their creators, the superiority of humans over machines (or vice versa) … In short, everything that makes up the DNA of the series. Not uninteresting, sure, but already seen.

8. In the Darkness of the Depths

Love, Death and Robots 3 episode 8

We are about to copy-paste the previous paragraph here. Moreover, the pitch at this stage was the same, with a “struggle between modernity and ancient gods”, and the soldiers being imprisoned “in a prison with an evil spirit of ancestry”, in the depths of Afghanistan.

7. The three robots: exit strategy

Love, Death and Robots 3 episode 1

We’re talking about warming up, here it is again: if you look at the first episodes of Love, Death and Robot, the characters you won’t recognize, because they’re the ones working on the first episode in the series.

This time again, the three robots are trying to understand how man disappeared from the face of the Earth. If the plot lacks invention, the humor isn’t lacking, nor are the many and varied references (from Elon Musk to the Isle of the Rose)… to the shocking final twist!

6. Mason Rats

Love, Death and Robots 3 episode 7

Dark, creepy, cynical, funny: this seventh season of season 3 is a little bit of it all. And finally, it takes all the ingredients that made the Netflix series a success.

If a farmer hires a high-tech company to clear his barn, things don’t have to happen as planned. The company’s solution is quite… radical. Until the world war began. Aw hapit na!

5. The Night of the Little Dead

Love, Death and Robots 3 episode 4

A small action that provokes international conflict? This is still what awaits us in this very short period of 7 minutes. Completely insane, the stage puts us in a small world plagued by a zombie attack. If you think it’s a more or less triggered by a couple in love in a cemetery.

More than this ridiculousness, we like the accelerated world tour offered to us here, from Toronto to Paris, passing through the Buddhist temple and Saint Peter’s Square in Rome, not forgetting the many references. in the genre, from Night of the Living Dead to The Walking Dead.

4. Jibaro

Love, Death and Robots 3 episode 9

Final season of this season 3, Jibaro is also the most interesting from an aesthetic point of view. The ultra-realistic settings contrast with a more artisanal animation within the framework of a complex and almost disturbing story. The confrontation between a deaf knight and a mermaid, is conceived as a dance battle with a separate edit.

Extremely experimental, this 17-minute short film still reminds us (if necessary) that Love, Death & Robots is an unclassifiable anthology.

3. Quick, far away!

Love, Death and Robots 3 episode 5

We’ve updated the register here, which has a stage smell of testosterone, femininity and allows you to play whoever has the biggest (arms, of course) or whoever is the farthest (in the literal sense of the term).

Here, soldiers are sent forward (but what ahead?) To challenge a giant enemy, half beast half machine. Bullets are flying, blood is gushing profusely, this concentration of action and violence is definitely not lacking in fun! No need to think, at this point, that’s what makes this episode so beautiful!

2. Bad Trip

Love, Death and Robots 3 episode 2

This is the first time David Fincher himself has directed an episode of Love, Death & Robots. And for a first try, in other words, it was a real success!

In a very dark but visibly very successful atmosphere, halfway between Pirates of the Caribbean and Vikings, the filmmaker takes us on a ship inhabited by a bloodthirsty creature. Betrayal, revenge, sacrifice, bloodshed: some decisions are difficult to make to save mankind …

1. The Brutal Pulse of the Machine

Love, Death and Robots 3 episode 3

Attention, visual slap! Director Emily Dean follows in the footsteps of an astronaut who is stranded on Io, a moon on Jupiter, and is forced to lead a long journey to try to save his skin.

His journey gives him time to think about the reason for his presence here and how he can get out of it. Colorful and carrying a powerful soundtrack, this episode is rather unique and philosophical, somewhere between a Moebius comic strip and the film Alone on Mars …

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