“My exes know that I found the girl, the love of my life”

David Douillet is convinced: Vanessa is the woman of his life. (Photo by THOMAS SAMSON/AFP via Getty Images)

David Douillet is definitely the new darling of television. While he will participate in “Dance with the stars” at the beginning of the school year, he is in the poster for the new program “Les traitors”, which will be broadcast this Wednesday August 17, 2022 on M6. The opportunity for him to see his wife Vanessa on the screen, for his greatest pleasure.

Judo champion, a person involved for a long time in the Les Pieces Jaunes charity operation, former Minister of Sports, deputy and now a businessman: David Douillet had many roles and careers during his life. But recently, he has made a comeback on television. Announced in the cast of “Dancing with the Stars” at the beginning of the school year, he is also on the air on M6 for the channel’s new game, “Les traitors”. This experience, he shared it with his wife, Vanessa Carrara, hypnotherapist and former municipal councilor of the town of Bourg-en-Bresse. And he was full of admiration for the one who shared his life.

Video. David Douillet in The traitors of the M6: why he stopped sleeping with his wife Vanessa

He loved while he was married

This is not the first time that David Douillet has fallen in love. Before succumbing to the beauty of the beautiful Vanessa, he first married a Florence, then he had a long love story with Valérie. But after 20 years of relationship the couple separated in a difficult divorce… And involved with Vanessa Carrara, because it was for her that the former judoka left his wife in 2014.

In an interview with Gala, the main interested party did not hide anything about his situation: “I know that I recently met a wonderful person with whom I exchanged a lot, with whom I want to live . It happened when I lived with my wife. for twenty years. We were very close friends. But in the last few years, slowly, slowly but surely, smoothly, without hatred, without ridicule, we drifted away.’ others.” At first angry, his ex-wife preferred not to “replay the game”, as he also confided in the publication: “I regained my taste in life by being honest with myself. in revenge, stupidity is what stops you to move forward. Since then, I have regained self-confidence and the desire to be wanted. I lost a feeling for a few years. At fifty, it’s time for it to return.”

“I found the girl, the love of my life”

At that time, however, David Douillet had trouble realizing that he was in love with someone else, when they met at a political event. Facing the cameras of “50 minutes Inside”, he confessed with emotion: “We did a whole lot of things. A whole lot of demonstrations and then it ended with at a big meal with 400 people. And Madame was there. And there were 400 people and there I was coming. Everything was fine and I saw her, I said: ‘Wow’. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t say anything.” Why? “I was so far from imagining that I could flash like that at someone and say to myself: ‘Wow, this is him’ what.

Convinced of their feelings, David Douillet and Vanessa Carrara both left their respective partners, but now, water seems to flow under the bridges. The proof, the athlete said to TF1: “I am good with my first two wives. They are intelligent and great. They are the mothers of my children too, but they know that I met the woman, the love of my life . . . They know it. And it can’t be ordered.” And to conclude “It’s the most beautiful of lives. You can be a billionaire. You can have yachts 40 kilometers long, villas. I have met people like that, they are very lonely. Me, look. My happiness is my destiny. . It is there.”

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