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How the tireless Willie Nelson who created the nation’s outlaw movement is explored in Ken Burns ’documentary, Country Musica box set of 4 DVDs distributed by Arte Editions

It will not break. We met Willie Nelson, 87 years old and die-hard outlaw in the country, while he was there his tour bus, the Honeysuckle Rose, parked in Laughlin, Nevada, was another stop on his crazy tour schedule: two weeks, two weeks away. “I’ve always loved it, as he. It’s a two -week break that’s pretty long. ” In short, the life of a robber; Truth interview.

Your single “Still Not Dead” [“Toujours pas mort”] ridiculous. What inspired you?

Willie Nelson: Years ago, when I wrote “On the Road Again,” I first heard I was dead. Someone said: “Willie sang ‘On the Road Again’ and he crashed into a bus.” It was fun for a while. Then I heard your call “alternative facts” : In the last two years, two or three times, when I woke up, I knew I was dead. I just want to let them know it’s a big bunch of nonsense.

You tour with Bob Dylan. How does it feel when you two go together?

Willie Nelson: I don’t think it happens always. We do a lot of music together than we do in conversation, and that’s probably a good thing. In 2004, my sons Luke and Dylan were very good; he accompanied him on stage to play guitar, they were jamming a lot on those tours. That was beautiful.

Who is your favorite actor on stage?

Willie Nelson: Leon Russell is one of the greatest showman who has ever lived. The first time I saw him he was playing in front of about 40,000 people in New Mexico. I have never seen anyone throw their hat at the audience before. Here I stole the idea.

Jeff Sessions, the former Attorney General of the United States during the Trump administration, said the plant than “a little less terrible” that the star …

Willie Nelson: I wonder if he tried both. I don’t think you can make such a statement without trying everything. So, I wanted to suggest Jeff give it a try and then let me know if he still thinks he’s telling the truth!

How do you feel about Donald Trump’s presidency so far?

Willie Nelson: Well, I’ve known Trump for a long time, when he owned casinos, and worked for him. He always paid me, I never had a problem. I think he entered a completely different world. He said this recently: “I don’t think this job is too hard.” Simply put, if you have the possibility of declaring yourself bankrupt whenever you want, say: “I’ll write you and check then.” But it’s harder if you’re president of the United States.

You sell “Willie Nelson for President” stickers. Does a lot force you to introduce yourself?

Yes indeed! Which makes me even happier without me! I go there almost twice. And then I fell silent.

So you don’t want Trump to get involved?

I think we can do more with music than debates and politics. I think a song touches people most of all. It’s not called nonsense “agreement” : when you give a concert, there is an unimaginable exchange of energy among the people. That’s why I perform in public. I also took something out of it.

What rules do you impose on your children?

My wife has one, which is divided into three principles: “Don’t be a mother, don’t be a mother, and don’t be a mother.” I always: “Don’t look for shit, and you won’t end up with shit.”

You have been married to Annie for twenty -five years. What have you learned about marriage?

It’s like Donald Trump said about the presidency: there’s nothing easy about it. Every day is hard work. It’s not for everyone. How many times have I been married.

And what does golf teach you about life?

Really shit! Someone said to me: “You’re wasting a good trip playing golf.” But I like to play this. When I went the other day with my kids, I was happy.

Do you still exercise every day?

Yes, I ride a horse, I swim or I run. Running is also a good exercise – I do that too.

What is your favorite oath?

I told everyone that if I were the president, “Bastos” write in one word.

You start your own marijuana company, Willie’s Reserve. how does it work?

It works great! I have people who take care of it more or less for me. Annie takes care of the food side – she’s a good cook. He works in Colorado and all the places where it’s legal.

Is there any harm in smoking every day?

I haven’t seen it yet. I think if you go to a place where it’s illegal, it’s even more of a hassle.

Interview by Patrick Doyle

To learn more about this documentary series of the event, it is in the last issue of RollingStone let that happen! And it’s right here!

Arte reveals a box containing all the episodes of this event series. It’s available in physical and digital media here.

Episode 1: Beginnings
Episode 2: Hard Times (1933-1945)
Episode 3: The Hillbilly Shakespeare (1946-1952)
Episode 4: I Can’t Stop Loving You (1953-1963)
Episode 5: Children of America (1964-1968)
Episode 6: Can’t Break the Circle? (1968-1972)
Episode 7: Are You Sure Hank Did It This Way? (1973-1983)
Episode 8: Music Will Conquer (1973-1983)
Episode 9: Ayaw Labaw sa Imong Raisin ‘(1984-1996)


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