Mathieu was devastated by the death of a dear friend!

After their meeting Love was in the meadow in 2020, Mathieu and Alexandre are still in love. Recently, the farmer recently shared an incident that turned his life around.

It’s hard for Love fans in the grass to forget Mathieu and Alexandre. The two meet at the 2020 edition of the show.

Since then, they have always been together to this day. But recently, bad news was shared by the farmer in his community.

Love is in the pasture: Mathieu and Alexandre, in love like the first day

Many Love fans in the pasture definitely remember Mathieu and Alexandre. The love at first sight has been very clear between the two men since they met2020 edition. Plus, their story is one of the most beautiful in Karine Le Marchand’s popular reality show. In fact, after a few hours of adventure, they are loved by the public.

Because of their intense love for each other, the couple skipped the steps. So they decided to start a family in a short time. Apparently, the big surprise for Karine Le Marchand in L’amour est dans le pré during the balance. Suddenly, Mathieu did his own marriage proposal to Alexander. It also happens in front of the camera with a romantic declaration of love.

Seeing this scene, the spectators could not hold back their tears. Since then, Mathieu and Alexandre have never left each other to this day. In addition, their union is formal June 26. And for this big event, Karine Le Marchand de L’amour est dans le pré was invited.

Which is obvious because the two lovebirds wouldn’t have met without the show Love is in the meadow. So thanks also to Karine Le Marchand. Anyway, their wedding was a success. Apparently, the union did according to Camargue tradition.

The farmer was suffering from a serious illness

In their life as a couple, we can clearly see that Mathieu and Alexandre were very happy. But on the other hand, there is always the rare disease handsome, with a tattoo, 44 ​​years old brunette. In fact, the participant of Love in the pasture must live on a daily basis. This did not stop the two men from living almost normal lives.

Apparently, according to the doctors ’notice, Mathieu de L’amour was in the pasture suffering from cerebrovascular disease. The latter is called Cadasil and cause violent migraines. In addition to this, the farmer may at any time have an epileptic seizure or even stroke.

But it is far from the problems they will face. In fact, because of this disease, the life span of the farmer in L’amour is in the pasture va reduces. “The life expectancy of my disease is 62 years, I’m 44 years old, so you can do math easily,” he said. For the occasion, Mathieu spoke at 20 Minutes in December.

Currently, Mathieu from L’amour is in the pasture still undergoing treatment. In addition, on Wednesday, the man underwent an MRI to determine the status of his illness. Very active on social networks, the farmer loves to share his daily life with his community. Like bad news which he just announced.

Love is in the pasture: Mathieu recently lost a friend dear to his heart

In fact, Mathieu recounted what had happened to him ball of feathers. In addition, the farmer considered the latter “the apple of his eye”. “God I’m in so much pain, you need me to protect you so much,” he said. Very sincerely, the former Love participant in the pasture expressed everything she felt. These include, his guilt, his helplessness and even the deep emptiness.

Fortunately, Mathieu from L’amour est dans le pré can always trust her husband to get through this difficult time. Besides, his followers were also there to cheer him up. In short, the lost in his pet a disease test for the farmer.

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