“From me” is the title of the book recently published by the Senegalese author Marie Cabou. Surrounded by writers and literary critics, Marie Cabou updates our knowledge of love. The purpose, he said, is to allow every man to understand that love is a respectful feeling that, through the diffusion it gives, defines the greatness of the person. The book signing ceremony was held this Saturday at the Radisson Blue in Dakar.

It is no surprise to see Marie Cabou writing about love. Inhabited by a passionate passion for writing, Marie wrote at a very young age, love poems for her friends and her colleagues on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. A subscriber to magazines at the time, he participated in various poetry competitions and also displayed his dancing talents on the Dakar stages. Model, she climbed the catwalks, thereby increasing the collections of confirmed stylists. As her first name also shows, Marie is an anagram of “to love”. After several years spent in Senegal, Mali, and then in France where she now lives with her son, this independent and dynamic woman recently gave birth to her first book, De toi à moi serie 1, published in Baobab Edition.

The Senegalese author surrounded himself with writers and literary critics. Together they update our knowledge of love, a classic theme. From you to me, first of all this is a beautiful work that can be seen through its cover page, and throughout its 110 pages. Let those who seek sentimental education open this book. Through these 11 chapters, Marie Cabou asks us to avoid breaking human chains, a source of sadness and drama. It can also stimulate consciences to better understand the importance and the sacredness of sentimental, friendly, fraternal, family, even human relations. “This novel is about love. A love that ended in disappointment. Nowadays, if only in Senegal, many women suffer in silence because of their disappointment in the love of their partner or even those who are not married. So I choose to criticize, with tears from the heart, all this suffering that women and some men suffer… I want to condemn to show that despite the magical love of “I love you, not me”, there is “I will suffer, I will die”, explains the author. Marie Cabou believes that we cannot define love because it is a feeling that we cannot touch. “Love is a state of mind. We cannot explain it. You just need to want to be happy, be selfish in your happiness, want to build your happiness and respect the people who are in front of you or the person you choose. And that is how we cultivate love,” he said, while sending a strong message to the youth of Senegal. “Learn, fight, create, work and succeed. Give yourself the means to succeed”, he launched with enthusiasm.

In the field of literature, the author is different from hero, hero, hero. And Marie Cabou, in her novel, accompanies her protagonist in his painful but fascinating experience of love, which is a great lesson in life. He targets his readers and appeals to young people like his 15-year-old son, Momo, but also and above all to all the women of the world, all who, one day, experience a failure in love. His readers are the human race and he says so in his introduction. “This book will allow any person to understand that love is a respectful feeling that, through the conception it gives, defines the greatness of the person”, continued Marie Cabou in front of an audience of personalities, friends and relatives who came to attend. this symbolic event. Andrée Marie Diagne, author and literary critic, shows that this book, published by Editions Baobab, tells the life full of intrigues of Syma and Aladji, an idyll that turns into love. “This connection ends up putting us in the brutality of separation, with a backdrop of disappointment and suffering,” he said, presenting the book.

Very poetic about love, Pr Diagne, looking at the composition of the book, emphasizes that it is arranged like verses. In each paragraph, he makes small, powerful observations. “It seems that the heroine is a 17-year-old girl who falls in love for the first time but she says she is 50. So that means that every love story is a new adventure. But what is important in this book , what it tells us, how to learn to live love, to love another and above all to accept the outcome of the story,” explained the professor of Letters, Andrée Marie Diagne. From you to me, if let’s look at the cover, we feel this duo, a kind of fracture. “The fracture that Marie Cabou allows herself to see, to notice that says, they do not look at each other in the eye, one after another with problematic behavior,” he explained. This 110-page book is a vade-mecum that invites you to manage both hearts, but also sorrows and reason because in literature like in life, evil is equal and without us a that can escape the poisoned arrow. in danger that Cupid.

An invitation to faithfulness, a hymn to living together

For Alassane Cissé, director of Baobab and also director of the monthly publication Le Patrimoine, this book is also an invitation to the sacredness and importance of sentimental, human relationships, because people often neglect sentimental relationships, especially that’s the boys. “From you to me is also an invitation to loyalty, a hymn to live together because, beyond sentimental relationships, there are human relationships and that is what humanizes the world”, he announced, recalling that only in 2015 , there are 10,000 divorce cases. registered in the Dakar Court. We need to preserve couples and show the public the importance of romantic relationships, human relationships,” he advised.

The author, Marie Cabou, was born in Dakar. She spent her youth in France until her majority, before returning to Dakar to pursue her passions there, especially dance, modeling, music and writing. The difficulty of the work got him proposed as a star television news presenter on Maïsha Tv, the first pan-African television channel, based in Mali, and dedicated to women. Marie Cabou also made Sud Fm famous, the first private radio station in Senegal.

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