Many Families – “It’s a bandage relationship”, “She’s looking for a childcare worker”: Internet users judge Laëtitia Provenchère’s new love, others defend her

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By accepting a new man in her life, Laëtitia Provenchère, the widowed mother of the show Families Many on TF1, is afraid of judgments. and reason … If Tony was immediately accepted by his children, some Internet users suspected that Laëtitia used him to support him every day. But in the face of criticism released on Thursday, February 2, many voices also rose to defend the young couple…

This Thursday, February 2, 2023, the adventures of TF1’s Large Families take viewers to Reunion, where the Jeansons have just settled for two years. If the smells of grilling, rainbows and sea views quickly won them over, they knew one downside: the price of groceries. By examining her receipt, the mother said that she “hallucinated” by discovering, for example, the value of a package of soda, which was bought for more than 14 euros. So the Jeansons must make the resolution to change their way of consumption. Goodbye spread and hello fruit galore! It remains to be seen whether children will quickly adopt these new habits…

In two episodes of the day, viewers discover the organization of the races of two families: in Riquelme, a new tribe in the program, the races take place every two weeks, and require at least four hours, the survey time of all required stores. Grandma Flore, who is everywhere in the life of the family, does not hesitate to do what she wants, by depositing packages of unexpected candies in the shopping cart, or by storing the purchases where she decides, in can go home. At Baudrand, shopping is mostly done online, to save time and avoid being tempted by other products… And 100 yoghurts are bought every week.

In addition to these organizational issues, the second period of the day addressed more emotional concerns: therefore, Mélanie Gonzalez confides in pain about the end of breastfeeding for her son Marceau. An involuntary choice, because he had to do it for a medical problem: he had thrush. Finally, the cameras follow Laëtitia Provenchère, the young single mother, who begins a new love story with one Tony. A few days later, viewers discovered the young man’s face and were full of praise for him. Her apparent patience, kindness and gentleness led many Internet users to validate the young widow’s choice of love. Many said they were glad to see her allowing herself to be happy again. But this Thursday, the tone has changed….

“She is looking for a babysitter, a nanny”

In order to spend time with Tony, the mother of four had no choice but to invite him. A method of operation that does not always leave room for romance… When Tony arrives at her house with a large bouquet of flowers in his hand, the children are restless. “Before he entered the door he was already enjoying our daily life as a big family with all the children jumping on him,” said Laëtitia. But far from worrying about it, most of all satisfied. “For me, it’s a pure moment of joy to see them so happy […] I am very happy because I told myself that it is accepted and for me it is important”.

Very quickly, he had to respond to the children’s need for attention, and even help the mother who was a bit overwhelmed. To his greatest relief … “I have the impression of being supported, everything is cooler because there are two of us to do everything. Now I really have a hard time delegating. ‘ he revealed, tiredly, to the camera. If the mother is happy seeing that Tony accepted his “harsh reality”, their twittos, did not see the scene with the same eyes. Others actually criticized Laëtitia for trusting the young man, without ever opening her heart to him. In other words, they think that this is just a band-aid relationship, that the mother’s thoughts are still with her ex-husband. Others also consider that Tony is more comfortable with four children than his new boyfriend. Some think that this role, slightly imposed, does not suit him over time…

But other tweeters quickly flew to the aid of the Ile-de-France region, which has gone through a dark period following Guillaume’s sudden death. According to them, we must rely on time, which will undoubtedly allow the mother to gently open up to Tony. The children also thought that this new “male figure” had become very big.

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