Love & Thunder Trailer Reveals New Gorr Dialogue

A new TV spot for the trailer Thor: Love and Thunder reveals new dialogue from Christian Bale’s Gorr The God Butcher. Thor: Love and Thunder is the third solo film to feature Earth’s Mightiest Avenger, starring Chris Hemsworth as Thor Odinson while Natalie Portman returns as Jane Foster, aka the new Mighty Thor. Foster’s Thor is featured in the pages of Marvel Comics in a run from writer Jason Aaron, who has a long -standing love interest in Thor taking on Mjolnir and wielding worthy power.

Thor: Love and Thunder under the direction of Taika Waititi, who is leading the latest effort, Thor: Ragnarok, and stars Russell Crowe, Tessa Thompson, Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista, Karen Gillan, Pom Klementieff, Jamie Alexander, Sam Neill, Matt Damon and Melissa McCarthy. Aaron also played Bale’s evil character, Gorr The God Butcher, in the pages of Thor’s comics. This huge, murderous and mysterious saga reveals a terrifying new threat to the Marvel Universe. Bale, of course, is no stranger to comic book movies, starring in WB/DC’s The Black Knight trilogy as Batman for director Christopher Nolan, who made his MCU debut Thor: Love and Thunder.

In a new TV spot trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder (Moagi Thor: Love and Thunder), Gorr is heard speaking in the new dialogue, which is consistent with his intentions to kill the god. “The world would be better off without the gods” said Gorr, as he seemed to see a planet crashing using his Necrosword. Gorr is also heard saying, “You’re not like everyone else. We have to fight. ” It’s unclear who he was talking to when he said the last lines, as it could be anyone, but it probably refers to Thor Odinson or Foster’s Thor. Watch the trailer below:

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Portman was last seen Thor: The Dark World, where he is infected with Dark Aether, which is the Reality Infinity Stone. He did not show up Thor: Ragnarok but appeared in Avengers: Last Game before announcing to return as The Mighty Thor in the new Comic-Con film. Given the origins of Thor’s comic book, it’s a natural shift for Jane Foster’s character. This makes sense for Portman to return to the franchise, which was his first role as a superhero rather than a supporting character.

Bale avoided comic book roles after hanging up the hood at the time The Black Knight trilogy, so cool to see him take on a new one, this time as a villain. Gorr is a complex and mysterious character in comics, and Bale has the perfect acting skills to bring the character to life on the big screen, giving Thor: Love and Thunder an insider in the villain’s department. Hopefully Bale’s performance will live up to expectations and not fall prey to the usual MCU villain problem. If anyone can resist this trend, it’s Bale, because he has always proven to be a magnetic and inspiring presence in everything he does.

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