Love is out in the pasture: Are Pierre and Fred still in a relationship? We tell you everything!

In the seventh season of love is in the grass that we discovered Fred and Peter. So, it has been ten years since this season began. It just so happened to start on Monday, July 12, 2012! This is a case that goes back a long time. So this is it the opportunity to see how this couple which marks the time of the performance doeth. We will explain everything here.

Love is in the pre form of a couple

Although it is intended to show that love is out in the pasture, we are always happy to see couples that last. And not Karine Le Marchand, the famous presenter of the show who would say otherwise. In fact, the latter is usually very close to the farmers and participants he met. So this summer during his vacation he even invited two of the participants of the love that is in the meadow went vacationing at home. A harmony between participants and facilitators that is a joy to behold.

But ten years ago, Karine Le Marchand discovered a strange couple. In fact, for season 7 of love is in the pasture, he saw the couple Fred and Pierre form. So Pierre is a farmer, more precisely a grain farmer in search of love. He wished he could finally find the woman he will end his life with and that brightens his days. Karine Le Marchand is proud to have played the role of this happy farmer couple.

Strong couple

In fact, after his involvement in love is in the pasture and his meeting with his future wife, he stated on TV Grandes Chaînes that “In the tractor, there is electricity in the air. A thunderstorm. I should have kissed him right away. In forty-eight hours, I made up my mind : before Frederique or not. It was true that I was attracted from speed dating because I sensed in her that she was a passionate and determined woman“. In fact, the couple was together when filming ended. Fred also said that “If someone had told me that before the show, I wouldn’t have believed it. but when you meet the right person, you know right away that it’s… the right decision“.

But because that love at first sight after they met in the pasture, it seems that their love will last for a long time. In fact, the couple is quickly moved on to the next step. They started a family a year after getting together. So on April 7, 2013 that their child was born. A little boy named Gabriel who saw his parents’ wedding a year after his birth. In fact, it is January 25, 2014 Pierre and Fred officially got together in the sight of all. And this is in Saint-Léon sur Vézère in the Dordogne. Since then, the small family formed thanks to the love was in the pre-lives in a place in Gers, in Saint Pastou de Bonrepaux. They even welcome visitors.

A sincere love

But this year, for their 10 years of love Pierre wants to mark the occasion. He posted a small post on Instagram in honor of his love for his wife. In fact, 10 years have passed since the two lovers met with love in the meadow. A moment he marked with some touching words.

January 2012, the first time I looked at this screen on Monday night… 10 years that have passed so, so rich, so emotionally strong. We only keep the positive, the one that builds us up even in adversity. The strength of our long-term vision of eternal love, family and chosen family of the heartprojects, human relations with people who care, happy and bright thoughts to light up the next 365 days…”. From now on, we can often find the couple in the program L’Amour vu du pré, commenting on Love is in the meadow.

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