“Love is in the pasture”: who are the farmers of this 17th century?

I haven’t met you yet… Get ready to hear Michael Bublé’s song ring out every Monday night from August 22. Because it’s the return of Love is in the pasture on M6, which returns for a 17th season.

In the menu, 13 candidates with different profiles : we find for example a father and his daughter who decide to try the adventure together, a candidate before who has become a heart to be taken again hoping this time to meet the woman who is in his side forever, or again and for the first time a brewmaster is looking for his prince charming.

To accompany them in this search, they can count on an attentive ear in the person of Karine Le Marchand. Always very straightforward, the host will provide sound advice to help farmers make the right choices. RTL.fr presents 4 women and 9 men making up the cast of this 17th season.


Agnès, 57, is a master brewer (the first on the show!) at Grand Est. The one who describes himself as “blue flower” and romantic is looking for a dynamic person, comfortable in his own skin, happy like him and who wants to build a life together. And if one of her suitors has an atypical personality and a rocker look, she has every chance to win him over.


Alain, 59, raises baby calves and runs a business in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. Previously in a relationship with women, this fusion father, who leads a busy life, fell in love with a man in 2007. A love at first sight that happened on the platform of a station. She is now looking for the man who will be with her until the end of her days.

Alain “The Breton”

Alain “Le Breton”, 73, works in equi-tourism in Brittany. He is the dean of the show, all seasons combined. This horse lover, father of four grown children, wants only one thing: to have a loving relationship.


Alexandre, 37, is a dairy farmer and grain farmer in Normandy. Jokesman and sensitive, he was greatly affected by the sudden death of his mother a year ago. He is looking for a simple, kind, friendly young woman who shares his interests and wants to start a family right away.


Emmanuelle, 42, is a winemaker in Grand Est. He decides to try the adventure with his father Jean-Paul, also in search of true love. The 40-year-old does not need to have children and is instead looking for a life partner who can share the simple joys of life.

Guillaume “l’Auvergnat”

Guillaume “l’Auvergnant”, 35, takes care of baby cows and runs an educational farm in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. Anyone who lives surrounded by peacocks, wallabies and other alpacas is looking for a man who can’t resist marriage and starting a family.

William “from Limousin”

Guillaume “du Limousin”, 29 years old, breeds suckler cows and Label Rouge poultry in New Aquitaine. Anyone who sees all his friends getting married and having children wants it to be his turn and get out of the “good friend” role that seems to have stuck to his skin.


Jean, 60, takes care of baby cows in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. When he started the adventure, thanks to Jérôme and Lucile, a couple formed at the time of 15 and since then have happy days with their little girl Capucine. He hopes to experience the same thing with a woman who is willing to share the weekend from his farm.

Jean Paul

Jean-Paul, 71, is a winemaker in Grand Est. He is the father of Emmanuelle, who also participated in the program. Their relationship was strengthened when Bernadette’s mother died of cancer in 2012. The one nicknamed “Clooney of Moselle” wants to end her loneliness.


Nadège, 31, is an equine inseminator in Brittany. Someone who has forgotten himself for years because of his complexes is ready to share his life with a protective, charismatic and funny person. His dream? Start a family and have a shoulder to lean on.


Noémie, 25, is a grain farmer and takes care of baby cows in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté. He is one of the youngest participants in the program in all seasons. Disillusioned and hurt by his last relationships, this passionate rugby player is looking for a reliable “big man”.


Sébastien, 36, is a pig breeder, butcher and castanéiculturist in Corsica. Shy, lonely but also a party animal, those who want to be surrounded by their friends are looking for an “action girl” for whom geographical isolation is not a problem.


Thierry, 65, is a winegrower and arborist in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. If his face tells you something, it’s normal. Thierry has already participated in season 10 ofe Love is in the pasture. If he was very attached to the physique of his suitors 7 years ago, Thierry reviewed his priorities after his romantic disappointments. He is now looking for a woman who is beautiful on the outside but especially on the inside.

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