Love is in the pasture: love at first sight, new ways…. the first secrets of season 17

Instant love at first sight, very shy people who become teasers, determined contenders… Stir this year in L’amour est dans le pré, broadcast on M6 from August 22, every Monday at 9 o’clock in the evening 10.

The time ofADP season 17 is here and you better prepare tissues and sodas because it will be difficult to remove from your TV. Everything has been done so that the thirteen candidate farmers of the year live their adventure to the fullest. All with lovely comments on Karine Le Marchand.


When casteus meets with potential candidates, the search for this period is intensified. “A team travels everywhere, point Deborah Huetprogram director at Fremantle France. Not only at the Agricultural Show, but also at agricultural fairs or large markets. There are people who don’t do it themselves. We make a first contact, we call them back, we go to see them at home and we make sure they are ready to live this experience.


If you are affected by the failures of Thierry “fate of fate” in season 10, it is known that he is back. First requirement: read her letters before seeing the photos of her suitors to avoid … dazzling. To find out if this method will bring luck to the winegrower and the other two candidates who prefer to know the personality of their correspondents before settling on their physical properties. When it comes to Sebastianthe handsome Corsican, he is very clear: photos of the paint pot taken with filters will land directly in the “No” pile!


A beer brewer, an equine inseminator, an equitourism professional in a caravan, a chestnut farmer… The production likes these professions that are not well known to the public. But not at any price. “We do not select farmers based on their profession, gender or sexual preferencescorrected Deborah Huet. We are waiting for a completely authentic adventure, with singles who are really looking for love and really need us.


For the first time in the history of the show, the production brought together all the farmers even before the broadcast of the images for a special TV and social media initiation. The thirteen candidates, four women and nine men aged 25 to 72, learned about the filming process and the principles of editing. Others participated in workshops to learn how to use Facebook and Instagram. They are also warned about unwanted visitors, haters who are sure to post negative comments…”We give them the top keys to preparing for the chaos that a TV episode can cause in everyday life.


For the past few seasons, the planned nights have ended in favor of serialized episodes. This year, the editing leaves more room for suspense. Doubts, important decisions, changing circumstances, sometimes you have to wait a week to find out the end of a story.


There are the shy ones, those who know exactly what they are looking for, their hearts are stuck on their shoulders, but don’t be fooled by appearances. From speed dating, you will be surprised by completely silent encounters and instant love at first sight. Personalities emerge. There is no need for a scenario, the farmers put on a show, with a common line that does not jump first or first come. Although the report will only air at the end of September and there may be some surprises, there are already some solid couples…

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