love, drugs and hangover

This is the 36th episode of “the Sunday hangover” or Sùnndi’s Kàter as we say in Alsatian. We will meet every Sunday at 10:10 am with Philippe Sandmann for his later morning performance at France 3 Alsace.

Your hand was heavy on the bottle last Saturday night and you find yourself having a hangover this Sunday: we have a solution for you. Sùnndi’s Kàter is back with a 36th episode available for replay below. Because it’s always hard to inspire yourself after a drunken night, France 3 Alsace invites you to watch your Alsatian late show (subtitled), from your bed, at any time you want.

Philippe arrives in a much more special outfit, which we can guess is that he really made a connection between the aperitif the night before and the noon. Still funding the previous day, he spent the night with his friend “the pharmacist”. He was thinking of joining a board game tonight and was already imagining himself the big winner of a Kem tournament. But in reality it’s a “chems” party like “chemsex”: drug sex. She was therefore offered to perform a sexual act by consuming psychoactive products. Owl! Who doesn’t love sex and drugs? For the last hesitant, this practice is tight-fitting safe. Chemsex has killed “only” 24 people in France so far, which seems like a pretty decent statistic. As a reminder, there will be 6,000 electric scooter accidents in the first three cities in France alone in 2021. Drugs or driving, the question is easy to answer …

We find the hosts, sometimes called emblematic reporters at Fuchs News. Chained by Tyler B. Simpson Jr. program interruptions due to news coverage. SNCF strikes on the part of multi-billionaire trade unionists, Madison Dallas is on the platform. Settlement of accounts against the background of drug trafficking in the northern district of Marseille? Madison Dallas live from the south. Closing down an unreliable news site in China? Madison Dallas is back on the scene, and it’s starting to get a little skeptical. The declining birth rate in Africa? Madison Dallas is on site and points out that it is reasonable to reduce the number of migrants. But what is his secret to being anywhere at a time? You won’t know it, because Fuchs News isn’t there to dig into the topics, some are very good.

Our special reporter Corinne Lefebvre is on set. The unionist who was never safe from megaphone abuse seemed strangely relieved. He was in the little cloud, as he met someone at a demonstration who knew how to beat the heart hiding under his yellow vest. But Cupid gets his hands dirty because his newfound love is actually pretty much to the right of the political color. Would you dare to say it around you when your spouse is not by your side? Let’s accept that he voted twice for Sarkozy and that he found that justice bothered Fillon, love. to win? If we add to this the fact that she had a capsule coffee machine, a walk-in shower, a reading light, and that she was wearing moccasins and tied her sweater around her neck, Corinne did not. leave the shelter. We often hear that we are more “naughty” on the left than on the right. Swing is also practiced with twice the number of supporters on the far left than those on the far right, which is fairly normal because they know how to share.

Philippe decided to immerse himself in the comments of the haters under Sùnndi’s Kàter publications on social networks. Nothing hurts him, not even those who like André Muller or those who can’t stand his way of speaking Alsatian. Sandmann looked red when a troll started attacking him in a targeted manner, indicating that he was hiding the beginning of the baldness and then calling him a second-class host on regional TV. This troll has no limits. We said there were no mothers, but nothing could stop him and her from finally insulting Philippe’s mother. The troll went from screen to set and left his big bad facade after a few moments. A difficult childhood and a good dose of jealousy led to this sad life choice. He’s actually just someone in distress who still lives in his mother’s basement, ordering a little Bringeroo at 10:30 in the morning, because there’s no time to eat if you live in a cellar.

We’ll end the show you won’t see next week. Philippe won’t talk about that dirty habit of losing our keys or our second sock and finally finding it in the last place we look. Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès is probably trapped between two pillows on your couch. We will not tell you about this new invention that will change social relations. It’s a shame, because it’s an electronic chip that allows you to hear people’s thoughts, maybe another time.

However, if you’re a morning person, don’t forget your weekly appointment: Sùnndi’s Cat every Sunday at 10:10 am in France 3 Alsace.

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