Love, blood and jazz: the Interview series with vampires promises a taste of darkness

Based on Anne Rice’s novel, Interview with the Vampire chronicles the turbulent relationship between two men who suck blood. After the 1994 film, from the fall of 2022, it’s time for the series!

Vampires will soon be back among us … In 2020, Paramount and its AMC channel bought the rights to The Vampire Chronicles and Life of the Mayfair Witches by Anne Rice. In 2016, the American author announced that he wanted to adapt his work as a series, Interview with a Vampire.

Died December 2021, Anne Rice is still honored to make the series, as she participated in it before she died.. However, we are clearly unaware of his involvement in the new editorial options in this innovation that will be published probably in the fall of 2022.

Everything we know about the Interview in the Vampire series

The series has eight episodes, written by screenwriter Rolin Jones, including showrunner for the series Perry Mason. Director Alain Taylor signed the first two episodes, the shooting of which began in December 2021 in New Orleans – the town that serves as the setting for a good part of the original story.

The plot of the series is broadly to continue Anne Rice’s story: we follow the fate of three witches, two men and a woman.

The original story begins in the late 18th century in the heart of New Orleans, where Louis from Pointe du lac owns and earns indigo plantation. Then he meets an attractive vampire, Lestat de Lioncourtoffering him immortality. The two are hidden for eternity in a painful romance, challenged by communication and friendship issues.

In the teaser of this new series, published last week, or the first official images leaked, the plot of the series seems to have been set even more recently in the Jazz Age, in the 1920s-1930s. Several hypotheses apply to our interpretation: either Louis would be a vampire later, or the plot examines this part of their history in contrast to previous centuries.

However, in many ways, the golden age of jazz is more “marketable”: the soundtrack is catchy and the costumes are beautiful. Also, since the book’s release in 1976, our world has changed dramatically; Some of the themes that Anne Rice addresses, such as slavery or homosexuality, may receive different attention.

Who is the star of Interview with the Vampire?

The nature of Louis from Pointe du Lacbeautiful and sad, to make Lestat forever addicted, will do this Jacob Andersonknown to play Gray Caterpillar on Game of Thrones.

sam reidan unknown Australian actor, will take on the role of Lestat de Lioncourt, a vampire of French origin, mysterious, with an expressed black humor. Lestat experienced all the emotions with such intensity as love and hate, but did not reveal anything around him. He believes Louis’s humanity will allow him to enter a new era.

© AMC More
© AMC More

Bailey Bassto play also in Avatar 2 and 3will cover the character of the child vampire, Claudia. Lestat finds Claudia, an orphan, and who decides to turn her into a vampire so that Louis can stay with her, and that the three of them are a real family …

Eric Bogosianactor in New York Criminal Sectionundress Daniel Molloyjust called “boy” in Rice’s novel. There’s a real bias in the script to turn the “boy” into someone who’s almost seventy.

Actually, nostalgia is there, and we have a mind for it the 1994 film adaptation, directed by Neil Jordan, who brings Tom Cruise in the role of Lestat, with Brad Pitt and Kristen Dunst. As Lestat says: “Don’t be afraid, I’ll give you the option I didn’t have” …

Release is scheduled for fall 2022 for the series!

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