Louis Bertignac: “The phone ruined my life with Corinne, my first love”

He wrote:“I took up writing this book as if we were talking to a friend. I told my experience while avoiding hurting the friends who were in the story. With the only sincere ambition. I didn’t know how to invent, play. a character. “
His memories:“I’m not used to writing until now, never keeping a diary. But bringing back memories was a beautiful journey. At first, I didn’t think I was much. When the machine started, it didn’t stop. “
His outlook on life: Louis Bertignac writes that “playing music is a game.” He added: “Life is probably something more serious, but I think it’s just another game. We play it like pinball, as the song says. We don’t know where it’s going, otherwise, it will continue. to play. “

What will he say to God? “When I meet God, I say ‘thank you’ to him, because this life is so greedy. I love this story. Anyway, I can’t give him a lesson. With God, we collide.”Louis Bertignac in concert. Personal collection by Louis Bertignac.

“With Jacques Higelin, a good story happened”

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Bénabar, back on stage …

His relationship with his father:“He was counting so much, like my mother. Even if at first my father dreamed that I would get a good job. He made me proud from the success of the Phone. He was reassured of it. He told me that one day he went. to the butcher’s, to order a barbecue. he asked him if his name had anything to do with Louis Bertignac de Telephone. ”

The loss of his father: Louis Bertignac explained that he felt guilty because he was not there when he disappeared. The guitarist gave “two poor concerts in Shanghai”. “It’s true, but it’s hard. I have a friend who’s facing the same problem: his father, who lives in the south, has cancer and he wants to see her when he leaves. He can’t be with her. All the time. I was told. he who expects to die while he is gone. “

His relationship with Jacques Higelin: The songwriter took a big step in his life by bringing him to his band. “Buddy, big brother, second father … I really don’t know where to put him. I think there’s a” Jacques Higelin box. “As I consider musician-actor Jean-Pierre Kalfon as a second father, Jacques, was very different, could not be classified. A very special thing. Between us, very different, a wonderful story happened, he helped me a lot. Higelin represents one more time, reassuring my parents He gave me my first job, I got my first money playing music, Jacques gave me confidence and encouraged me when I told him my intention was to start a band. He said to me: “I am sure you will succeed.”

With his friend Lionel Richie. Personal photo collection of Louis Bertignac.

The night when Louis Bertignac “blew up” the Moulins theater

“Regroup the Phone group? We’re sure not to”

In the Phone group: To the great regret of fans, the cult group of the 70s and 80s will not reform. “I won’t put the Telephone in my future. If you ask me before we go up to Insus, I’ll answer that I don’t know about it. But hey, you’re not safe on the left.” If the Phone should be summed up by a title, Louis Bertignac, “don’t look too far. Hygiaphone, our first hit, our stage hit. We ended the concerts with that and it made everyone happy. “
His relationship with dope:“We went around so much; I didn’t dare to deny it. I was sometimes in a bad situation … but not so dirty. Because I was scared, I took very little. Maybe thanks to my” little story “it lasted a while. long. “

“My life is not ‘Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll’, but ‘Love, drugs and rock’n’roll!’

Louis Bertignac (empty)

His role as coach at The Voice:The former juror of TF1’s music program The Voice is confident that he is refusing to sign for a new season “because we are just removing candidates”. “In the beginning, I really liked blind selections. I made friends with the singers in the competition I was defending. When it came to fights, they had to be eliminated. I was hurt that the artists would work to be eliminated then… For me , it’s up to the public to decide. I still laugh at doing this program. ”

His fans. “I have fans from everywhere, from all ages: Phone, Bertignac the singer, The Voice, … There is a mix of all ages. During the broadcast of The Voice, I was walking with my wife in a public garden and, suddenly, a dozen little girls ran after me and shouted: “It’s him, it’s him!” It didn’t happen to me in the days of the Phone. To my audience, there were 12-year-olds. This is due to impact The Voice ! “

Louis Bertignac with his wife Laëtitia and their son Jack. Personal photo collection of Louis Bertignac.

“Carla Bruni wrote me all the lyrics for one of my albums. We remain friends.”

His first love: Corine Marienneau was his first big love, but also the bassist and composer of Telephone. “In retrospect, our story was pretty funny despite the screaming matches and his suicide attempt … After all those years, I think all of these episodes were in the logic of things .We had a good love story, but I bothered the Phone.The group was first of all a friendship with my great friend, Jean-Louis (Jean-Louis Aubert, group singer, editor’s note). Our relationship kind of broke down when I brought my wife back to the band. After the concert, instead of partying, I went home with my wife. And then, a few years later, we didn’t talk much to each other, Corinne and I, because we had our days together. ”

Her collaboration with Carla Bruni.Louis Bertignac released the singer’s first album, Someone told me, in 2002. “He wrote and composed beautiful songs. However, it was a hit, with or without me. I was content to play instruments or play the violins. In music, we support. ” When they meet, they are two worlds mixed together. “Very quickly, I discovered that Carla was a beautiful person and a good musician. She wrote me all the lyrics on one of my albums. We remained friends.”

His wife: “She’s the ideal girl … but you can’t tell her much! She has a side that captivates me, loving me and wanting me since the first day we met. While I’ve had many years of difference. With her , Laëtitia knew right away that she wanted me. With her, I felt like paradise. “

Their children: “To them, I was a bit gaga, like my parents. Going down my youngest, Jack, down a flight of stairs, I was scared. So, I looked elsewhere. If he wanted to be a singer, he’d do. he’s what he wants. Right now, he thinks he’s a paleontologist. “

His dreams:“Watching my kids grow up, eventually become grandparents. And then, keep it all like this.”

nice little story. Louis Bertignac (Looking for lunch). Price: € 19.50. New album in 2023.

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