LoL: The theory about a new champion that will excite players and fit into Riot’s plans

While League of Legends won’t be getting new champions right away, Riot Games wants to give a big preview of the characters that will be joining the game in the next few months. A presentation where they revealed the champions eagerly awaited by the community and where the developers gave birth to an interesting theory. The company has a tendency to distill clues about its future release with great phrases – and famous phrases have awakened players who were able to create a new theory.

A dog as a champion of League of Legends

The theory of how Riot Games made its announcements is clear if you look at the original language version – in English therefore. The developer introduces details that reveal the champion’s aesthetics, his mechanics or even his name. Before Vex’s announcement, they titled their teaser “Life can be so boring”. They also refer to it by emphasizing the word “awful”. That was not the only case because with Gwen they did something similar “cutting” hope “sewing”. All this background is more than necessary to understand the following picture.

These are Riot’s bundles of the latest champions roadmap

The theory that a dog or a wolf is on the calendar as the new champions of League of Legends comes from the image above because all the references point to these two species in the animal world. Riot Games plays with a double meaning of “I love you” resulted in “look”. However, dogs literally meant “hunting dog”. We can also notice the presence of the word “Flirting” which means to bark or “Throw me a frickin’ shot here”, which is literally meant “throw me a bone here”. Finally, it shows the possibility that it is not a person carrying the Darkin weapon announced for this champion. In fact, we can hear the Riot Games video “But to find out into whose hands … or WHAT the dagger fell into, we will have to wait.”. By insisting on “What”, we can imagine that Riot Games is planning a Darkin who is not human.

A theory that makes sense in the League of Legends universe

Cebotaru is the name of a Transfigured from Shurima who in the history of League of Legends is already called Darkin, and as you can imagine, he is in the form of a wolf. “Cebotaru the Wolf is walking around, eager to do this conclave. His armies are ravaging the far north and the lands beyond the western seas. […] The Wolf’s body is slender, but formidable in power; its four muscular arms covered with gray fur end in claws.”

It is known that Riot Games wants to introduce characters that are already in the lore of the game, iIt seems possible that the famous Darkin came to the Rift or Cebotaru. But that’s not all.

To conclude the theory, we have to mention the big loss of Riot Games announcements. The developer promises a monster as a new character for next year. However, he did not talk about it, even though it was one of the most anticipated novelties in the community. In this sense, some League of Legends players understand that the monster and the Darkin can be the same champion. This is the weakest evidence of all, but it makes a very strong package.

It took a long time to reach the bottom. This new champion is, at best, third on the waiting list. Additionally, Riot Games plans to slow down the pace of character releases to make more updates to previous champions. It is no coincidence that we have been given many clues. The studio wants the League of Legends community to have more time to enjoy before new releases arrive.


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