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Mobilization Recovery! really unique.

Elsewhere in France, activists are mobilizing with no reduction in vigor.
Many were touched to see the smiles at Reconquest. And many have contributed these recent days to driving the movement by donating their time and by funding the printing of leaflets, refueling and posters.

They are young, alive, radiant, sensitive, intelligent, elegant …
But make no mistake.
Under their angel faces, they are awesome candidates for Reconquest!
They took their determination from their unconditional love of France, inspired by Éric Zemmour.
Maya, for example, longs for a France she has never had a chance to get to know.

A France:

where we do not calculate whether it is worthwhile to work or stay at home according to the price of fuel,
where you don’t think about hiding your pendant full of memories and love under your dress, for fear of seeing it torn,
where you can save your parents’ house that they have paid for for the rest of their lives without having to borrow to pay taxes …

A France to change:

where retirement is not an expense to society but a legitimate recognition of the years of service it has rendered,
where we young people should be pushed to rise through work and not into trust in the state
where the word tradition does not rhyme in regression, but in transmission.
He fought for France, candidate for the Reconquest of Hérault.
And he won’t stop.
Do you think their youth will prevent them from being effective?
See Roman. He is 22 years old. A good sportswoman, she is an experienced rider.
At the age of 16, he had already launched his brand of riding equipment, along with his studies! His business grew in 6 years.
He has already proven that he can handle big projects.
Now you can be proud to have this young entrepreneur by your side for Reconquest. He’s a Doubs legislative candidate!
This growing youth brought political hope to France.
And it’s inspired, fed by Éric Zemmour’s debates!
Shéhérazade began acting at the age of 31, following Éric Zemmour’s commitment to the presidential race.
In his career, he showed willpower, jealousy, courage, one by one he climbed the stairs with determination: bartender, sommelier, waitress, head waiter then head waiter.
The merit, he knows!
Do you think he will allow himself to end up on the ground? Other candidates may be confused by his constituency.
He dared to talk about the problems. The great substitute, he lives in his neighborhood.
His grandfather, a paratrooper in the French army during the Algerian war, should not be ashamed of his commitment. He is a legislative candidate in Essonne.
Constance is a 19 -year -old patriot.
And he was fully engaged for several months at the center of Reconquest, in the mail division, an important role that placed him in contact with members from all over France.
Because of his love for France, he also continued the campaign on the ground, to meet the French.
The legislative campaign he started was also not easy. He is a candidate for the Reconquest of the 7th district of Paris!
Ambrine, 27, is a notary clerk.
His Olympian calm and listening ability are major assets on the pitch.
Twice in small villages, they were tested, as he was attacked by groups hiding their faces and throwing projectiles at him.

He continues:
“Whatever the ideas, whatever the nuances, you have to be able to have dialogue. That’s what these people don’t understand. The goal is to silence us, because our ideas are disturbing.”

He will fight for rural territories that have always been neglected by political parties.
He is a candidate on the Côte-d’Or.
I can also tell you about Margaux, Lisa, Ophélie and more …
All these brave young French women are on the ground today, they are fighting for you, they are committed to France.

And in the next few days they will give it their all, like Salomé Benyamin the Reconquest candidate! in the 3rd district of Var.
This last straight line is hard and full of pitfalls and the pressure is rising.
You can encourage them, accompany them to the field, lead them through your generosity by giving them leaflets, posters, fuel to illuminate the whole district …
There are many ways to unite this fight.

I SUPPORT Salome Benjamin!


I remind you that your donation is deductible from your tax up to 66%. So a donation of € 80 will only cost you € 27.
You can count on the gratitude of Éric Zemmour and all the other candidates: if you attack Reconquest near your home, it’s France you’re lifting.

“At any age, you can make your contribution, defend your values ​​and fight for your country.»
Ophélie, 26, is the legislative candidate for RECONQUTE! in the Haut-Rhin.

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