Le Mans. As a couple, Daisy and Florent share a love of music

We practice music, me professionally, and Florent as an amateur. We were friends first! And little by little, we got together. 18 years ago! And we both worked for 16 yearsstarted Daisy, singer of the group Daisiesfields, from Le Mans (Sarthe).

Their common passions have led this couple to travel the streets of France to spread their music over the years. Often away from home. This may be difficult to understand for someone who does not come from an artistic environment. It is a work that carries a particular rhythm. Being together is easier to understand. And on the trips, we shared pleasant momentsthe guitarist is positive.

“We can argue and have to go on stage five minutes later”

When they met, Florent was working in ecology. However, his status as an amateur musician, his curiosity and his appetite for the world of music, quickly made him move to the professional world: In the beginning, I trained in technique. Now, professionally, and I am involved in the realization of clips as wellhe explained.

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Daisy, for her part, takes care of the writing, composition and pre-arrangements. Work together to make them happy: We help each other, we have the same ideas or we bring an element to improve the idea of ​​another”, guitarist details. For example, for clips, I have a landscape look. I have images in my head and Florent is a more technical approachdescribes Daisy.

One of their strengths? Finding common ground: We have common interests, music of course, but also images, travel and above all a similar philosophy of life. Daisy dances, and I’m a photographer!continued Florent.

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“Communication and freedom”

However, everything doesn’t have to be all rosy, Daisy learns. “ Sometimes we argue and have to go on stage five minutes later! In any couple, when things don’t go well, you can do your job. We can’t go on stage with a head three feet tall! We have to study it! »

The same for inspiration that can come at any time, and that violates privacy. To solve this, the singer implemented a strategy: “I sent him my idea by e-mail delayed, to clear my mind. Then we will talk about it when the time is right. »

Together, the duo lived in their common love, in a creative freedom and full of ideas. What if Daisy and Florent had to give advice to couples who want to take turns? Two watchwords: “Communication and freedom!” »

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Pareidolia, album by Daisiesfields, is available on streaming platforms. The clip on Slow castingshot this summer, will be released in the fall.

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