launch of the first European Think Tank

Can Europe have real weight against the future giants of the metaverse, which will most likely be the Americans? This is one of the questions created by a Think Tank on the initiative of a Frenchman who is trying to answer. Businessmen, economists and experts from the metaverse will come together to create a collective vision intended for the decision makers of the Old Continent.

A European Think Tank to design the future of the metaverse

The Think Tank was launched on the initiative of Vincent Lorphelin, the co-president of the Institut de l’Iconomie. He believes that the metaverse is very young, and inspires a lot of enthusiasm on the one hand, and a lot of mistrust on the other. Where are we to enable decision makers to make wise choices? This is the whole purpose of Think Tank, which comes together 70 entrepreneurs, economists and metaverse experts.

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As we know, the volatility of the cryptocurrency ecosystem not only affect prices. Passing trends are legion, and sometimes it is difficult to sort out what really brings innovation, and projects that are carried by a wave of speculation. For Think Tank, innovation is clear, it’s a question of sorting through the vast amount of data we have at our disposal:

“Slowly, superimposed on a chaotic background, the vision of a new model of indigenous sustainable development. »

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Enlightening European decision makers

The European Metaverse Think Tank (TTME) details some areas of development :

  • Integration of actors in the European metaverse
  • Conduct an anthropological study of existing projects
  • Develop a reasonable collective vision
  • Publish it in the press to inform the decision makers

An extensive program, based on an imbalance often pointed out by players in the ecosystem. Europe has not really moved on Web 2.0, and it seems that the gap is widening again in North America regarding Web 3.0 in full creation. If the Old Continent wants to play its role as a land of innovation, with appropriate regulations, therefore education in the sector is very important.

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Source: European Metaverse Think Tank press release

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