Lack of teachers: more men in education, possible solution?

By 2020, 25% of Ontario College of Teachers members will be men, according to official statistics.

Over the years, men have made up about a quarter of the members of the Ontario College of Teachers.

Photo: Ontario Teachers College

Égide Royer, psychologist and academic achievement specialist, thinks these numbers are even lower in preschool.

For Mr. Royer, increasing the number of male teachers requires better academic achievement among men. But, he said, the current climate does not lend itself to creating programs targeted at men.

Having interventions that promote men’s success or having interventions that increase men’s participation as teachers isn’t radioactive today, but it’s not far off.he explained.

For Normand Bourque, a teacher at Saint-Edmond Elementary School in Windsor for nearly 35 years, choosing to pursue a teaching career has always been linked to personality traits.

But Guy Talla, a teacher from Scarborough, says very practical facts, such as the opportunity to work in his community, can push men to choose teaching.

A question of models

Mr. thought. Royer to widen the gap between men and women unless action is taken to overcome this difficulty. He suggested creating a program in this direction.

Think of teachers who are in high school riding in elementary or scouting in high school in the eleventh, tenth grade levels.he suggested.

Let’s accept that it’s associated with a scholarship program, it’s associated with some kind of mentoring to engage with young people at the university level, we’re going to see a change. »

An excerpt from Égide Royer, psychologist and academic achievement specialist

For you Mr. Royer, as much as we think about promoting role models and setting up programs that help young women who want to become administrators or scientists, we should also think about setting up programs. to encourage young men to go to programs they don’t have now. inclined to go to.

Mr. Royer says it’s traditionally considered to have something motherly about women that makes them more likely than men to work in schools, especially nursery and elementary.

Égide Royer, professor in the Faculty of Education, Department of Teaching and Learning Studies, Université Laval

Égide Royer wanted a change of perspective.

Photo: Radio-Canada

He noted, however, that there have been social changes over the years that now mean men are taking care of their children, taking paternity leave, proof that things can change, he said. He believes young men simply need models to arouse a passion to teach them.

: \”Oh mon dieu, c’est ça que je voudrais faire plus tard\”. On n’en voit pas tant que ça”,”text”:”Je peux très bien moi comme étudiant, comme élève au primaire n’avoir rencontré que très peu d’hommes. J’ai très peu de modèles pour dire: \”Oh mon dieu, c’est ça que je voudrais faire plus tard\”. On n’en voit pas tant que ça”}}”>I can be good myself as a student, as an elementary school student, meeting some guys. There are very few of my role models who can say, “Oh my god, that’s what I want to do then.” We didn’t meet muchhe explained.

Mr. Bourque agreed. In his long career, he has seen very few male teachers, he said.

[enseignants] on devait être à peu près trois hommes, quatre hommes, incluant le directeur”,”text”:”J’ai été longtemps le seul homme. […] J’ai débuté ma carrière, sur un personnel de 20[enseignants] on devait être à peu près trois hommes, quatre hommes, incluant le directeur”}}”>For a long time I was the only guy. […] I started my career, with a staff of 20 [enseignants] There were probably about three men, four men, including the directorhe explained.

At one point I can’t remember what the years were, maybe in the 90s I was alone for many years then a year or two, and it was always like that. »

An excerpt from Normand Bourque, teacher

Mr. confirmed. Bourque who has, in his personality, an affective-related aspect that puts him in the best disposition to care for young students.

I, I am a strong believer that the affective takes precedence over the cognitive. That’s why we’re really at this stage of developing relationships with our students that are healthy and based on respect for others, and that doesn’t have to be a tendency that men are subject to.he explained.


For Guy Talla, an elementary school teacher in Scarborough, the reason so few boys teach at the elementary level, especially, is because Society sees professions like teaching, health as more dedicated to womenhe explained.

He said there were about eight boys at the school where he worked from a teacher with more or less 30 people.

From Cameroon, he explained that teaching was not his first choice. He spent two years trying to work as an engineer, since he was also studying in the field in Quebec when he came to Canada.

Guy Talla was standing in front of the door.

Guy Talla teaches French on the English school board in the Toronto area.

Photo: Courtesy of Guy Talla

She explained that working in secondary attracted her more than elementary.

Of course, I was more comfortable in high school. Secondary is a small specialty. You just teach math or you teach science or you teach historyhe said.

While in elementary school, if you go to elementary school, you can touch everything. […] That’s why I was more comfortable in high school. »

An excerpt from Guy Talla, teacher

While she says she loves her job, she nonetheless admits there are very practical facts that explain why she has yet to get the qualifications needed to become a high school teacher.

In a town like Toronto, there are many parameters you need to look for. The place you choose to live is a parameter. If there is also a secondary school in the area, let there be opportunities at this school. More are at the elementary level because the demand is higher therehe explained.

According to Mr. Talla, the need for teachers is not as strong at the secondary level than at the elementary level.

And for Mr. Bourque, regardless of the gender of the teacher, the most important thing is that those who enter the profession understand that it is a difficult profession.

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