Kevin Mauffrey, Deliveroo – Food delivery and development experience continues into 2022

As 2022 marks the second consecutive year of a pandemic, progress in food delivery has been confirmed by aggregators despite the removal of health restrictions. Lots of options, more shopping, lots of towns served in the territory, lots of services, lots of available schedules … The consumer takes advantage of all these new avenues to shop for food according to his or her preferences and circulate from one channel to another on their purchase journey. As a result, the modern restaurateur needs to adapt to these new tools, and combine a cross-channel strategy to sustain the growth of its brand. Deliveroo, a major delivery player in France, represented by Kevin Mauffrey, its Commercial Director, will present at the Snacking Congress on June 7, its insights into the dynamics of delivery for catering.

To understand the food delivery phenomenon, and to implement a cross-channel strategy for CHR, you must first put yourself in the consumer’s shoes. She can start her day by going to your point of sale for lunch and tasting your new product of the month, then ordering her favorite dish of the evening, which she will deliver to her house while watching- watch a series through Deliveroo by searching for your name on the platform. The next day, he will take his coffee to take away at your store before going to work, then he will go to the drive closest to his professional meeting to collect an order that he will place from your application. . Through this completely realistic exercise, the customer uses all the distribution channels you have created that he or she can use to maintain a commercial relationship with you. As a result, the barriers between physical and digital have disappeared. The customer experience is dominated by breaking the silos between distribution channels, driven by continued teleworking in companies that should reach 2 to 3 days a week in 2025, but also today. geopolitical context, running inflation as we know it today. Finally, food delivery is now a concern with more than 1 worker in 3, 93% continue to use it even after the reopening of restaurants, and 65% of French use online. order for their lunch. These numbers, and more, are from our recently published cookbook “50 take-away snacking signatures that give appetite”.

Multiplying services to capture and sustain consumers in delivery

Amid deep market changes, the advent of rapid commerce and grocery delivery at the heart of the pandemic has once again destroyed the market and the established order. The boundaries between “homing” and RHD have collapsed and the concepts now unite the two points of strength. The new exclusive territory-wide partnership, ended in March between Deliveroo and Monoprix and the launch of the new Monop’Hop application, (after Franprix and frozen Picard, etc.) proves of it.

If the fast-growing market is very new, it is also growing rapidly. This allows consumers to find multiple solutions to satisfy their wants from the same application. Other white label solutions, such as Monop’Hop, are being considered and partnerships have been made with restaurateurs who also want to expand their scope of activity in this area, through their virtual brands, as well. relying on Food Editions, many of them will open. by 2022 in towns with high potential and high volume. explained Kevin Mauffrey.

If by the end of 2021, 25% of French people do not have access to delivery services, the offer will spread to the territory outside the metropolitan areas, but also to medium-sized towns and small towns, thus strengthening the power of the local. That’s why Deliveroo and Partoo signed a partnership to help partner restaurateurs better reference their establishment through Google My Business and manage their e-reputation. For the user who subscribes to Deliveroo Plus who is also an Amazon Prime customer, he or she recently benefited from free shipping for one year on every order of at least € 25. ” The development of these new services, combined, allows restaurateurs and our delivery partners to do better in a growing business, which also benefits consumers. This is a tripartite trust agreement. conclusion by Kevin Mauffrey.

New consumption “interpeaks” should be considered for outdoor catering players.

Since the start of the pandemic, Sunday, the favorite day of the French to order their food, has been given to Friday: the new day of celebration when we join family and/or friends to officially launch over the weekend. , a well -established consumer habit. Similarly, food delivery, which was previously concentrated at night, leads to lunch in urban areas and regularly. ” Deliveroo’s presentation for work, where users can place grouped inter-company orders with personal payment terms, suggests that we can imagine a real growth pocket where restaurateurs can greatly benefit. by Kevin Mauffrey. Other moments of consumption also arose, such as breakfast delivery, ” the croissant and pain au chocolat are an important part of the company’s offer and contribute to the well -being of employees, as is an afterwork with an aperitif to be shared “, he continued. Since the reopening of discos and night bars, the” Late night “slot from 11pm to 3am has been a way to explore.” All of these offers already existed before the pandemic, they were fueling the rise in shipping that was determined to enter French use, and anywhere in the world. explained Kevin Mauffrey. Initiatives fast casual brands like Big Fernand have already been implemented: with 5 night delivery workshops (soon to be 10 in the Paris region). A new point of strength that makes it possible to achieve a target of 50% delivery turnover, Maurizio Biondi explained to us when he celebrated the 10th anniversary of the workshops in February , which pursues the goal of meeting the digitalization expectations of customers without sacrifice. the experience…

Meet Kevin Mauffrey at the Snacking Congress on June 7 in Paris with Jean Valfort (CEO of Dévor), Jérôme Laredo (Co-founder of Deliverect) and Norman Kolton (CEO Street BKK), during a conference dedicated to delivery where many and learn more.

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Article updated on 20/05/2022

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