Juliette Armanet: “We all need to talk about love”


PaleoJuliette Armanet: “Everyone should talk about love”

If there is an artist who cannot be missed at Paléo, it is him, brilliant at the disco, magical with his words. Interview before his concert, Friday at 8 pm on the Véga stage.

Interview: Laurent Flückiger Shooting and editing: Bastien Vago

Juliette Armanet sings only of love. On piano, on pop and disco rhythms. Especially his fans. Who made it good for him. In public, we sing, we dance, we laugh, we have fun, we live. In sequins or liquette. As during this concert he gave in April at the Docks, in Lausanne,

While his great talent was noticed thanks to his debut album, “Petite Amie”, in 2017, the 38-year-old artist really exploded with “The last day of disco” released at the end of last summer, announced a you burning fire. disc. Friday night, between SCH, PNL and DJ Snake in the rap and electro scenes, he will shine. See you at 8 pm on the new episode of Véga.

In recent months, almost everyone has heard “The Last Day of the Disco”, so your music has taken on another dimension. How do you live it?

For sure my second album opened new doors for me and it was very pleasant to meet a new audience. There are many people who have now discovered my first album. “The Last Day of Disco” turned out to be a highlight of the concert, which was pretty cool.

There is a great physical intensity to your second album.

Yes! I think when I made this record I was charged with all the energy I had on tour. Moreover, it is in the context of Covid and I have to survive. So, that gives a more physical album, more carnal, more sensual. This is the metamorphosis of a woman, we change, we evolve.

Can you describe this metamorphosis to us?

This is the cycle of life. Having a debut album that resonated made me feel fulfilled, gave me self-confidence. Having a baby also gave me some serious self-confidence. My body slowed down a bit, no doubt. And I’m kind of happy to tell myself that the older I get, the better I feel about myself. I don’t know how it will end in 90. (Laughter.) But it’s nice to think that the more time you accept yourself, the better you feel in your sneakers.

There is disco on your second album. What do you like about this style?

Disco has been with me since the first record. There are already titles in this science, in the tracks “The Indian”, “A Saturday night in history” and “To the madness”. Very naturally, I took these steps for the second one. Disco is a real science of arrangement, it calls for strings and brass. This is the science of grooving. That’s on bass too, which is an instrument I love.

And on stage, you’re allowed to wear glitter.

Yes! (Laughter.) I totally agree: disco is visually stimulating too. In the outfits, the lights, the glam it needs. I like it.

How did you learn the piano?

With my parents who are both pianists. At home, it plays from morning to night. I think they put me on the piano when I was 10 seconds old. (Laughter.) But, I can’t read music. I do everything by ear, it’s instinctive and it’s a bit of a handicap. I play the piano because everyone around me does: my parents, my grandparents, my brothers. And everything: jazz, classical music, composition. My father was a composer, so I heard all his grids, all his chords. He played until 3 in the morning. I fell asleep to the sound of the piano every night.

A former journalist. Tell us.

I have been making documentaries for seven years, social subjects for Arte. It was another life. But I always make music, I take my piano in the trunk of my car on all the shoots.

In your songs, you always talk about love. Why?

Yes, I’m talking about love. Well, I don’t want to talk about anything else. Honestly, I think everyone should talk about love. All our politicians there, it doesn’t hurt them. (Laughter.)

“At home, it plays from morning to night. I think they put me on the piano when I was 10 seconds old.

Juliette Armanet, singer-songwriter

Your song “Tu me Play” is a declaration of love to your audience. What does it bring you?

“You Play me” is a way to make this pun: I like you, you play me, make me play. I really like this expression: playing music, has an important playful side. When I composed this title I wasn’t on tour yet, I was filled with all these crazy emotions live. It is a way of speaking to the public directly, talking to an audience like a lover, a love.

During your concerts, did you get the attention of your audience?

Yes yes! I look everyone in the eye, I dance with people, I go down in the crowd… I love it. Like meeting them after all my concerts. I took the time to find out what they thought about it. Usually, they have little anecdotes about such and such a song. I love it, I’m touched. I’d rather be there than on Instagram! (Laughter.)

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