Jenifer: this food that the singer refused to give to his three children!

With her three sons, Jenifer Bartoli became a mother who is more mature than when she was 21 years old. During an interview on a parenting theme, the Corsican actress and singer confirmed that she wants to pass on good eating habits to her sons. The cold mother allows many foods on her table except one. We reveal everything to you!

The healthy lifestyle that Jenifer tries to instill

The young mother no such strict discipline to the point of checking everything on the scale. He just works on a balanced diet.

“I allow myself a lot of pleasure, but no abundance. I want to feel good, it’s important not to feel restricted in any way because of your food,” he said.

Jennifer lives the complex in its small size. She is not the type to dictate a draconian diet to her diet or her children.

“I am a bon vivant, an epicurean. But I balance it: if I have a good dinner, I have a light lunch the next day,” explained the young woman.

Attention is passed from generation to generation

Jenifer’s mother taught her the value oforganic food. In addition, it was the latter who taught him the famous grandmother’s recipe to improve the immune system. The young mother did the same to her children:

“And then also the famous spoon of honey when winter comes, I try to make sure to give them everything they need, to improve their immunity. »

The balance between balance and happiness

“We are not disappointed in anything: there can be organic and non-organic products. The idea is above all happiness,” he insists.

Above all Jenifer Bartoli a cool mom. He would not impose an unchanging diet on his sons.

Epicurean at heart, he just wanted to teach this idea of ​​balance to his sons. Good eating habits start in early childhood. The singer knows this very well.

With the current image of our consumer society, it would be easy easily pass the sea. It was to this extent that Jenifer allowed all food to her children except for one drink.

“The only thing is soda. Nobody in my house, they don’t like it at all,” he said.

The mother of three boys encouraged them to drink a lot of water to stay in good health. We often forget the importance of drinking water regularly in our lives. However, it is a good habit to maintain, especially during this summer season. This is the gesture that Jenifer Bartoli wants to keep with her children for a long time, even when they grow up.

Jenifer Bartoli is a happy mother

This mother happily confessed that her children the “stars of his life”. He grew up with them. The feeding style she wants to pass on to them is something she has developed over the years as a mother.

“I had a child very early, responsibilities. It gave me strength and allowed me to stay the course,” he admitted.

The latter, in fact, gave birth to her first child, Aaron, from her union with Maxim Nucci, at just 21 years old. In the meantime, he learned a lot.

He tells how this is a happy event changed his life. When her last two (Joseph and Juvanni) arrived, Jenifer discovered another side of her personality. He was just happy to have them.

“The teenager, I was always his mother, but I grew up with him. It created a bond between us. And a lot of complicity. My youngest is unique, but it’s not the same story with a child at the age of 20 and there is one at the age of 30. Even if it is the same unconditional love for both of them, of course,” he said.

Jenifer Bartoli doesn’t talk much when it comes to talking his private life. However, she claims that she lives like all mothers.

“There are many mothers who work and try to do their best. I do the same. »

The singer explained that he, too, cleans the toilets and vacuum like others. He loves his children and for their sake, he imposes a small limit on them which is soda.

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