Jan Agelink reveals the trends of autumn-winter 2023

Predicting the next trends is far from an easy job in the current context. For Jan Agelink, a specialist at Buro Jantrendman, it is difficult to see the future when uncertainty reigns in the world. This is what he said during his last webinar for the period of autumn-winter 2023. “There are many factors that need to be taken into account,” he added. Fortunately, some consumers and thematic trends managed to get out of this instability in the world, the specialist has. Roundup on FashionUnited.

Those who have attended many conferences on trends these days will not miss the themes identified by Agelink. The first theme is a “nomadic look” composed of a mix of denim, outerwear, patchwork and quilting, all driven by a taste for deconstruction. “It’s about thinking big,” added Agelink. In addition to patchwork, the specialist also notes some inspirations taken from folklore, which is part of this trend.

The Sheltersuit presentation in Paris, photo by Alex Pommier, via Sheltersuit
Sheltersuit presentation in Paris, image by Alex Pommier, via Sheltersuit

The best examples of this trend? The first Sheltersuit collection, for example, was presented at the beginning of the year, or the marriage between old fabrics and Ahluwalia sportswear. The quilting technique can also be found in Bode, a brand founded by Emily Bode, the winner of the Karl Lagerfeld Prize for Innovation earlier this year. When it comes to denim, Glenn Martens’ collection for Diesel was shown at Milan Fashion Week in February.

Image: Diesel Fall/Winter 22, courtesy of Diesel.
mage: Diesel Fall/Winter 22, courtesy of Diesel.
Image: mage: Diesel Fall/Winter 22, courtesy of Diesel.

The three themes of autumn-winter 2023 according to Jan Agelink

The second theme identified by Jan Agelink is “copycat”, a mixture of streetwear and grunge. Many prints with entrusted messages are used and abused. Here too, we recognize a passion for collage, especially through the prints found strongly in this trend. Another important aspect: two-dimensional version of 3D designs (such as printed Gucci moccasins) or even the silhouette of the body taken in the print. Retro or 70s-inspired prints also have pride of place this season. Among the collections that are part of this trend: Gucci x Adidas, Y/Project, Botter or Loewe.

Loewe FW22, image via Catwalkpictures.com
Image: Gucci x Adidas
Image: Gucci x Adidas

The third and final theme highlighted by Agelink during its conference bears the futuristic name of “fashionaut”. A theme that examines the systems of the future and explores a futuristic atmosphere through the use of technical materials combined with others that are more natural. “There is something strange about this fashion composed of exotic, almost isolated silhouettes.”

More pronounced colors fit this trend, such as “Very Peri”, the Pantone 2022 color, dusty pink or different shades of green – from moss green to mint green to green cinema screen. Among the brands that seem to have adopted this trend: Duran Lantink, Rick Owens, Isabel Marant or Balmain.

Alberta Ferretti FW22, image via Catwalkpictures.com
Isabel Marant FW22, image via Catwalkpictures.com

“Fashionouts”, “copycats” and fashion nomads

These new trends develop in the context of contradictions: consumers no longer want to take risks, but have this desire to see the world and show their bodies. The need for inclusion and diversity is growing, and we see the importance of the metaverse and the Web3 in this evolution, because the digital world is helping to democratize fashion and allow consumers to experiment with it. In addition, the “mixed reality” characterized by the meeting of the physical and virtual worlds is a great influence in predicting the trends of autumn-winter 2023. If we add to this the urgency of sustainable development and the need for a In a roundabout way, we got the formula that now sets the tone for the fashion industry. However, Agelink warns: “It is fatal to underestimate how informed consumers are about sustainability and the use of materials”. Thus, Angelik predicts a future where the traceability of products will be reinforced, with articles accompanied by a QR code that provides all the information on the source.

Whatever trend the professionals choose to adopt (nomadism, prints, “copycat” or futurism), this new fall-winter 2023 season does not fail to provide the inspiration needed for new fashion seasons. .

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