“It’s hard to play your own role”

At nearly 72 years old (June 3) and over fifty years of career, Frederic Francois has never had a chance to show off his acting skills. A violation that has now been corrected. This Sunday at 7:50 p.m., he was on bail for “
mysteries of love
“, in which he composed his own character. A surprise look was born after the release of his last disc, an album on the covers, in which he especially made a duet with Elsa Esnoult, who played in Fanny in the series. “
Frédéric came to share with me a duet on his album
“, Confessed the actress and singer. “
He asked me to translate My heart tells you I love you. It’s good, it’s my favorite song from his repertoire. We recorded the song in Paris. I met a kind, generous, very kind person. When he came to ask me to sing with him for his record, it seemed clear to me that I would take him into my universe, that of the Mysteries of love. Jean-Luc Azoulay, the writer and producer of the series, likes to mix reality and fiction when it comes to my character. And since we actually recorded this duet, we thought it would be a good idea to also highlight this collaboration in the series.
. »

Thus Frédéric François played his own role. “
He went to the studio to record his duet with Fanny
“Elsa continued. “
The strange thing was that Frédéric was a star, who had a remarkable career, and there he was like a little child, a newcomer, a little scared, doubting himself, said to me: Elsa , I rely on you to help. me. But everything went well, I held his hand very well.

“I wish I could play something else”

Obviously, this is not really what we would call a compositional role. But don’t think it’s simpler for everyone. “
I think playing yourself is harder than playing another character.
», We receive his part Frédéric François«
I’d rather see myself in a thriller playing someone who is the opposite of who I am and the image of people in me. I would have wanted something different. But it was a wonderful experience, because I discovered a universe I didn’t know existed. I have dialogues to learn. I discovered Cri-Cri, Fanny, all the characters in the series. I was instructed to speak in the right tone and it was good. We shot the whole thing in one afternoon. Very fast. But we can make a lot of acquisitions
. »

Fredo is in any case under the spell of his partner. “
When I chose him for my album, I found it interesting to have an artist sing as well. She has her own way of singing, but our two voices are perfectly mixed. She spoke in a low voice and I spoke in a high voice, the range of a woman is not the same as that of a man. She is so proud to translate My heart tells you I love you. I guided him into my world, but kept his personality. And for filming the series, he was the one guiding me
. »

Songs by Al Pacino

From now on, the translator of “I love you Italian” will find himself repeating the experience, but in a diametrically contradictory role. “
I ask all producers and directors.
(Laughter.) I watch series every night, especially thrillers, especially Spanish series, which is very good. And not just La casa de papel. There are sometimes soap operas where I see myself playing a role, but it’s far from people’s image of me. During a show with Dany Boon and other actors, Michel Drucker told them I wanted to make movies and asked them who I was reminding them of. And they all responded to Al Pacino. Wow! So who knows, Frédéric François will one day be in a gangster movie? After all, he sang “Chicago” well …

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