Islam – Fatwa: an opinion of an Egyptian scholar on the purity of dogs and pigs is controversial

  • Dina Mustafa
  • BBC News Arabic

Photo credit, SOCIAL MEDIA

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Ahmed Karima during a TV interview

Dr. Ahmed Karima, professor of comparative jurisprudence at Al-Azhar University, in an interview on an Egyptian channel, confirmed that “a dog is pure and can be raised in homes”, a widespread debate on social networks.

The controversy started when Ahmed Karima responded to a follower during a TV interview, in which he asked, “Why didn’t the dog go with them to the caves and ask? Didn’t he sleep outside?”

Karima replied, “The dog that follows the people to the cave is guarding, and usually the guard dog is at the door, indicating that the dog was not originally unclean, and that is the guard dog at the door.’ Imam Malik bin Anas said, because he has a rule that says that every creature is pure, and impurity is not original, but rather accidental, because the principle is that in what God does all is pure. ” Karima supported Imam Malik’s word.

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