Is it good to spend your holidays with your dog in Les Sables-d’Olonne?

At Les Sables-d’Olonne, dogs are welcome. ©

In 2017, the tourist office of Les Sables-d’Olonne joined the national Toutourisme club. The purpose: to attract tourists who come with their dogs. But are they really? You are asked.

Louis, 18 years old and Pumba, Besançon (25)
Louis, 18, and Pumba, Besançon (25) ©Le Journal des Sables

“Yes, but not 100%. The only thing I can fault in the town of Les Sables-d’Olonne is the access to the beach. I know that it is forbidden for dogs for reasons of hygiene but this one It’s a good playground for them. At night when there aren’t many people I can leave it without any problems but during the day it’s not possible and it’s a shame. That’s my only complaint. Otherwise, for others, everything is nickel. »

Louis, 18, and Pumba, Besançon (25)
Shiva, Séverine's dog, 47 years old, Saint-Étienne-au-Mont (62)
Shiva, Séverine’s dog, 47 years old, Saint-Étienne-au-Mont (62) ©Le Journal des Sables

“Yes and no. The principle of the tour is very good. On the other hand, we have an amazing beach and there is no way to put Shiva’s feet in the water. So we were attracted by the principle of toutourisme but disappointed when we arrived . I’m also disappointed because we didn’t get to some of the buildings we wanted to visit… We were asked to leave the dog on a leash outside. For the sake of the animal, it’s not good. »

Shiva, Séverine’s dog, 47 years old, Saint-Étienne-au-Mont (62)
Nathalie, 59 years old and Romy, Montauban (82)
Nathalie, 59, and Romy, Montauban (82) ©Le journal des Sables

“Yes. I only go during the day but it’s very nice to walk on the Embankment. I can’t go down to the beach and that’s my only criticism. Otherwise, I just left the restaurant and everything was fine. They welcomed Romy without any problems and It’s great because some have already refused me. They don’t accept dogs. But, if the dogs are educated, I don’t see where the problem is. »

Nathalie, 59, and Romy, Montauban (82)
Brigitte, 49 years old and Pam, Vauréal (95)
Brigitte, 49, and Pam, Vauréal (95) ©Le Journal des Sables

“Yes from October 1 to April 1 and not during the summer. I came to Les Sables on different dates and when you have access to the beach with the dog, it’s nice. But in the summer, I admit it’s a bit more complicated, especially Pam who doesn’t understand why she leaves something in the dog carrier when I’m about to soak my feet. man.”

Brigitte, 49, and Pam, Vauréal (95)
Bertrand, 76 years old and Nina, Paris
Bertrand, 76, and Nina, Paris ©Le journal des Sables

“Of course. Everything you need is around, I have no complaints. There is the groomer, the vet, the dog trainer… With Nina, I go everywhere. I just have to remember to take the little that poop bag. If I forget it, I can easily find it on the street. I’ve been coming here for years and I’m happy. I’m even looking for a year-round rental. I know I can be with Nina wherever I go. In cafes and restaurants, I don’t have any problems at all. »

Bertrand, 76, and Nina, Paris
Cookie, Solène's dog, 42 years old, Parçay-Mesley (37)
Cookie, dog of Solène, 42 years old, Parçay-Mesley (37) ©Le Journal des Sables

“Yes and no. Because dogs are not allowed on the beach. To go to the restaurant, we had no problem. We went everywhere and everyone was very welcoming. The good thing is that there are poop bags everywhere. In some towns, it is impossible to find one, but here it is quite simple. »

Cookie, Solène’s dog, 42 years old, Parçay-Mesley (37)

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