iOS 16, macOS 13, MacBook Air, virtual reality… What to expect from Apple’s keynote?

It’s time to find out what the future holds for Apple. The company held the introductory keynote of the WWDC 2022 conference for developers this Monday at 7 p.m. The opportunity to discover new operating systems (iOS 16, watchOS 9, macOS 13 …) to launch at the beginning of the school year, but also possible tools and augmented reality. Let’s examine our expectations.

The keynote at WWDC this Monday! // Source: Apple

While WWDC 2022 is primarily an event for developers, for many years now the opening keynote has become a highlight that has attracted interested parties as well as fans and the general public. Apple understood this and made it a presentation similar to the keynotes in its presentation for iPhones, iPads or Macs. You can also watch WWDC 2022 live.

And each time, it’s a question of revealing what awaits operating systems to officially launch all of the brand’s products in September-October. Of course, a developer beta is usually at the end of the keynote before a more robust public beta over the summer.

iOS 16 / iPadOS 16

So what will the next iPhone 14/14 Pro look like? WWDC and iOS announcements are often the first serious signs of the improved possibilities of the star’s future smartphones. But on iOS 16, almost no result has been leaked. Well kept secret or little progress? No one knows.

DSC01093-Edit (1)
Apple’s new iPhone 13 in green // Source: FRANDROID – Anthony WONNER

We’re talking about locked screen widgets, more advanced notifications (but this is already a major project in iOS 15), clearer sleep monitoring in the Health app as well as functions for female health and medical monitoring, also designed audio messages app available. moving closer to social network messaging. It’s also rumored that new Apple-signed applications will emerge as well as Apple Music’s popular classical music option or even new workout classes in the Fitness + app. Car accident detection, satellite connection in the event of an emergency or the Always on screen has been announced for the iPhone 14 and will actually be new to iOS 16

Several access improvements have recently been announced by Apple and can be confirmed as new in iOS 16, as has happened in recent years and the additions of double-tapping on the back or human analysis thanks to Lidar.

For iPads that typically take most of iOS to iPadOS, however, there are rumors of changes for multitasking that will be able to display three windows simultaneously and not two with one floating window, by betting on quick change of windows. Apple wants to make iPads replacements for PCs for many years to come, many new features of the iPadOS 16 could go in this direction and bring more fluidity to productivity on home touchscreen tablets. Rapprochement with Macs and shared experiences is also expected, as has become possible with the SideCar function (the iPad becomes the secondary screen for the MacBook) or the Universal Command that allows the use of both the keyboard and the same mouse. for Mac, iMac and/or iPad close to each other.

see OS 9

There is clearly nothing more complete and consistently enriched than the Apple OS in terms of connected watches. And watchOS 9 should follow the same path, announcing the ever-present potential new features of the next Apple Watch Series 8.

The Apple Watch Series 7
The Apple Watch Series 7 // Source: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

If the calculation of the blood sugar level seems to be less visible, due to a lack of full improvement, expect other health functions, such as better detection of atrial fibrillation or monitoring of activities, races. The new OS should also better manage the autonomy of watches with ways to reduce battery usage in energy conservation mode while selecting priority apps and functions. As always, new wallpapers need to be presented.

macOS 13

There doesn’t seem to be any major changes to be expected from this new version. The main rumors suggest changes to interfaces, wishes for more clarity and improved app management. MacOS 13 may be more focused on redesigning Apple applications (Safari, Mail, Messages, etc.). For others, the changes may be transverse across all OS to typical applications.

Current design on the MacBook Air.  Photographer Stephanie KeithGetty Images
The current MacBook Air. // Source: Stephanie Keith, Getty Images

What name As always, it can be a California location, town, region, mountain, and more. Carmel, a very neighboring town to Monterey, is finally entitled to its OS, unless it’s Salinas, John Steinbeck’s hometown, which sounds good. However, among the names registered by Apple, Mammoth seems to be the one lying under the drawer for the longest time. But macOS Mammoth isn’t the sexiest and doesn’t have to be the easiest to express in all languages.

tvOS 16

This is a bit deserted for the Apple TV operating system. He has always had a bad relationship with WWDC and this can be confirmed because no or almost no information has been leaked. For many years, the multimedia box promised to be a hub for the connected home (though with a screen and an integrated speaker). Is this finally the right year to see it in another dimension?


This is the big unknown and expected of the year. Apple has in its boxes a project for virtual reality and / or augmented reality. Goggles or helmets, no one knew what the two were already talking about. However, it seems unlikely to see a finished product already presented by Apple at the time of the keynote, everyone is united in saying that the release of the helmet will be postponed to 2023. But, on the other hand, Apple needs to put a first toe on AR / VR and present snippets in use to attract developers who want to rub their shoulders. Starting with an OS that seems to have been formed, under the name of realityOS or another rOS (the name would have been registered with another company).

Apple headphones MR
Source: Illustration by The Verge

It seems certain that the California company will present a first set of applications to provide an overview of the possibilities of the future device that is also being touted as an extension of the Apple TV universe.

And the products?

Often this is not the time Apple chooses to unveil new products to provide space for presentation and explanations around its OS. But it has happened in the past that WWDC has seen newcomers appear like the HomePod speaker presented there by Tim Cook before it was released months later. But it’s based on Apple’s pre-existing applications and it only needs a little tweaking to sell. The conference also saw the introduction of an 11-inch iPad Pro, an iMac Pro or even a MacBook, but above all the Mac Pro. The products are aimed primarily for more advanced users, not to say professionals for the last three, who can then take full advantage of the power of the tools and the latest macOS or iOS to develop apps or create content.

New look on the MacBook Air

This year sees the arrival of a new MacBook Air that has been completely redesigned and, possibly in color. Even if, as Bloomberg’s always-known Mark Gurman, we don’t expect too much eccentricity in terms of colors from Apple, which doesn’t draw on the side of the iPad Air or the latest iMacs. . . However, the MacBook Air can sport a screen with more refined features and embed an M2 chip with 8 CPU cores and 10 GPU cores, but the cores are based on the A15 Bionic chips in the latest iPhones while the Apple M1s are inspired by those on the A14.

Current design on the MacBook Air.  Photographer Stephanie KeithGetty Images
The current MacBook Air. // Source: Stephanie Keith, Getty Images

The only question when looking at a MacBook Air presented at the developer conference is about the target: if it’s actually equipped with a very powerful chip and presented at WWDC, won’t it be covered by MacBooks? 14 and 16 launched at the end of 2021 with an M1 Pro or Max chip for an advanced and professional target? Apple’s good idea, or the good reason for presenting it in a developer-oriented keynote, is to present the MacBook Air 2022 as a gateway for young developers, future App Store suppliers of applications, who started programming under Swift, which was promised as one of the key points at WWDC according to the logo and the invitations. And if we knew that Memoji was more childish and enthusiastic about the invitation, the MacBook under their noses, it could be an argument.

Powerful Mac Pro and Mac mini

With its “gruyere grater” design, the Mac Pro is the last product to be presented “live” at WWDC 2019 before being released at the end of the year. After three years, there may be a change in the face. Its announcement was mocked by Apple itself during a keynote in March by announcing that there would be a version of Apple Silicon in progress that would see the light of day by the end of the year. It remains to be seen whether the animal will be released or only revealed with little detail. The Mac Pro will be able to embed a more powerful chip than the M1 Ultra, the already overpowering SoC presented in the spring and which comes with the most advanced version of Mac Studio. At this point, the Mac Pro can have up to 140 CPU cores and 128 GPU cores, double the M1 Ultra and four times the M1 Max. With the new name?

Apple Mac Pro
Apple Mac Pro

Other products may also be discussed. The day before the keynote, a leak informed a merchant site of the arrival of a new Mac mini in a version with the M1 chip.

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