In ‘Top Gun: Maverick’, Tom Cruise is still flying at Mach 10

Thirty -six years after “Top Gun”, classified as a cult film in the 80s, Tom Cruise is back in service aboard “Top Gun: Maverick”. A fantastic sequel and an actor who ended up combining his character.

yea Tom Cruise is a brand to itself (read below), it clearly contributes to mega hit in “Top Gun”directed by Tony Scott at 1986. At the time, he was still twenty -three years old and a poster boy body. Now, it’s discovered in this sequel, directed by Joseph Kosinski, in our minds: “I stopped“.

At fifty-nine, Tom Cruise remains impressive. Physically, sure, but also a charismatic actor. However, and this is the agility of the “Top Gun: Maverick” story line, all eyes are not alone. This new film, of course, a nostalgic look at the past -at the beginning of the film, a plan of photographs and memories of the first -, it also develops into the future by relying on new generation of actors which we will discuss again. Among them, Miles Tellerin the role of the Rooster, and Glen Powellin that of Hangman, was able to steal the show from Cruise in more than one scene.

The fastest man in the world

As a speed test program for a fighter jet is about to be eliminated, Maverick (Tom Cruise) manages to achieve Mach 10. This exploitation is not without danger for the pilot, but it does make him fastest man in the world. Maverick has always refused to be promoted so as not to be confined to offices. But his new adventure began when he was called back to Top Gun, the academy that trains elite U.S. Navy pilots.

Jennifer Connelly replaces Kelly McGillis in “Top Gun: Maverick”.
© SonyPicture

Maverick is responsible for preparing a dozen of them for a mission destroy a uranium enrichment plant that threatens NATO. Young, handsome, and somewhat arrogant, the airmen (and some airwomen) smiled at what “Lolo” almost sixty years of age.

We are rarely attracted to air fights and by adding a part of the people and an account of them, this sequence manages to keep us skeptical.

By diverting codes and defying commands in its hierarchy, Maverick is able to form a team ready for anything. We are seldom attracted to air wars and by adding a section of humanity and its account, this sequel manages to keep us in suspense. Although the enemy has no face. All the ingredients of an effective blockbuster are well organized. With a slightly revisited eighties part to please.

TOP GUN 2 MAVERICK Trailer VF (BAG-O, 2022)

And then came Val Kilmer

In terms of romance, fans of the first “Top Gun” may regret that Kelly McGillis is no longer returning to service. His character as a lover is ensured, here, with the grace of Jennifer Connelly. On the other hand, Val Kilmerone of the heroes of the first film, making a moving appearance noticed. And considering the actor’s illness, he suffers from larynx cancer that prevents him from speaking. We won’t say more. This is likely Kilmer’s last screen appearance. And he owes it to Tom Cruise … | Joelle Lehrer

Joseph Kosinsky

With Tom Cruise, Jennifer Connelly, Jon Hamm, Val Kilmer, Miles Teller and Glen Powell

Available from Wednesday, May 25, 2022

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‘Top Gun: Maverick’ World Premiere Interviews With Tom Cruise And More

What drove Tom Cruise?

Last Wednesday, Croisette event! Descending from the sky aboard a helicopter, he came to save the Cannes festival, fill the halls, enforce his law: his majesty Tom Cruise!

Poor Tom Cruise! Of course, he was attracted to us, but we didn’t want to have his life. Always on a mission! We can imagine him living aboard a plane of his colors, criss-across the world living the adventures of… Tom Cruise. That is to do your own promotion – endlessly repeating the robotic phrases: “I-live-for-my-fans. I-make-this-movie-for-you.

The star seems to have concluded a Faustian pact: “in exchange for glory and eternal youth, I have agreed to sacrifice everything to … myself”.

But who is this man? This is the question that has plagued the entire world for decades. A smile on the face, but an obvious fever crack … Pathological obsession with perfection … Permanent control of an image of an eternal child, but a bodybuilder … The star seems to have concluded a Faustian pact: “in exchange for glory and eternal youth, I have agreed to sacrifice everything to … myself”. Or rather my character.

Stainless Tom Cruise in “Top Gun: Maverick”.
© Sony Pictures

Because Tom Cruise, and this is undoubtedly the definition of the star system, well and truly melts into the archetype he now forms from film to film: the best hero of all. Where some build the myth around a crack (Batman), or a specific comedy (Bond, first season), Tom Cruise, like Tintin, is good everywhere.. Clever, indestructible, agile, attractive. The eternal American at the height of his income, crossed with an ideal son-in-law, enthusiastic, never made mistakes, never tired.

Actor, and then brand

And yet he really has time as an actoralternating between easy movies adapted into a “movie with Tom Cruise”, and really necessary roles which he had to do other than grasp his jaw, run very fast, line up in a casual pseudo bon mot, clench his jaw, run very fast, and so on. (running, or parachuting, or climbing a giant tower, you have to have different pleasures).

A cartoon! A kind of giant (and living) advertisement for… itself. And for this eternal, victorious, undefeated America.

At the time, Tom still remembered his “real” roles: Dustin Hoffman’s younger brother “Rainman“, a paraplegic young Vietnam veteran of “Born on the 4th of July”intolerable guru of “Magnolia”. “The Last Samourai” (2003), “Collateral“(2004) o “Valkyrie“(2007) many more very good films. Alas, from 2010, he was sacrificing Belmondo syndromeand just go to do what the world expects of him: find the car.

A Nadal without a racket

The car, for a star, what is it? This is the next death movie to kill, with it, in the middle, under the sun exactly. It’s no longer a question, like any actor, to play comedy, but to pierce the very thin boundary that separates, in the minds of many, the star from the heroes he comprises.. To our great joy, here we are convinced that a Tom Cruise can save the day in real lifein the event of hijacking or hostage-taking.

“He wants to be the best he can be. He’s from a working class background, there’s a noticeable crack in him, he’s from a divided household, he’s dyslexic.”

Oliver Stone


The problem seems to be Tom Cruise fell into his own trap, and no longer know where. With his tight smile, his stereotypical responses, his anger (sometimes badly) suppressed, he was more and more like Ken from Barbie (with a small half of the head), or whatever a Nadal without a racket (but with tocs). Tom Cruise, today, is reduced to the simplest expression: a cartoon. A kind of giant (and living) advertisement for… itself. And for this eternal Americawins, and never makes a mistake.

Tom Cruise in “Top Gun: Maverick”.
© Sony Pictures

The father relationship

When asked, like last Wednesday in Cannes for his “master class”, the words are the same as 20 years. The unconditional love of cinema, the need to try everything on his own, the joy of the fans. But some signs don’t lie. This painful need for restraint, even to do all his stunts himself, translates this hysterical deception-death into an obsessive delirium.

Oliver Stone already understood this in the 90s: “He wanted to be the best. He was from the working class, there was a noticeable crack in him, he was from a divided household, he was dyslexic”. Kubrick also enjoys it by swallowing it raw with “Eys wide shut”. The father relationship, over and over. Abandoned, despised, Tom finds out at 7and Art – and the values ​​it provides – is a surrogate father. Before digging another crusade scientology – but that’s another story.

Magnolia (1999) – Catharsis Scene (Tom Cruise)

The incident remains. Before being given the super heroic sirens, the man was a franchisee himself, and defied the laws at the box office (see box). He encapsulates the whole world an important man, albeit a guilty one: this kind of hero we want to hate, that we don’t love even ourselves -because what is more compelling than an indestructible, infallible, and therefore meta-human?

“I’ve always loved Tom Cruise. He’s the best actor to run in the cinema, always straight in his line.”

Vincent Lindon

President of the jury at the 75th Cannes Film Festival

Witness the pirouette of the president of the Cannes jury, Vincent Lindon, who announced the start of the festival in the Journal du Dimanche: “I’ve always loved Tom Cruise. He’s the best actor in the theater, always straight to his line”. Told everything? | Sylvester Sbille

On May 18, on the red carpet at the 75th Cannes Film Festival.
© PhotoNews

Tom Cruise in numbers

  • Scissors: 170cm
  • Weight: 68kg
  • personal wealth: $ 500 million
  • Cumulative at the worldwide box office: $ 10.5 billion in 38 major films
  • Average income: 263 million per film
  • Number of films under 100 million mark since 1987: Only 2 of 38 (“Lions and Lambs” with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford, and the acclaimed author film “Magnolia”)
  • Record: 791 million dollars worldwide for “Mission Impossible 6”

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