In the bars and restaurants of the Haute Somme, dogs can also sit at the table


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With the arrival of summer, the terraces were taken by the storm. For dog owners, the problem is that some establishments refuse doggies. But not in Albert, Roye or Péronne, where almost all cafes and restaurants accept it inside and out.

In the Bistrot, in Albert, Batman, a one -year -old chocolate Labrador, lay inside, lying on the chaise longue near his master, a regular in the area. Employees always welcome people to their four-legged friends. As long as they stay calm and don’t disturb other customers or staff. ”
Personally, I have no problem, even elsewhere, with my dog.introduces Batman’s master. It is also a matter of education.

At Péronne, on the terrace, Ilou was comfortably placed in his master’s arms, when he was not posing in his designated chair. ”
We were from the beach, and even there we had no difficulty in carrying it, especially on the terraces
“, Assurance of his masters.

“We respect the basic rules of cleanliness”

If the law is clear for food businesses – a pure and simple ban on dogs, with the exception of aids dogs and guide dogs for the blind -, it is even clearer for restaurants and cafes. It is not formally forbidden to them, but professionals must still respect the rules of hygiene. At Albert’s Corner’s Pub, the owner, Yannick Gillon, had a choice: only small dogs inside. ”
I had a customer who saw big dog hair next to his plate … And then, other customers never wanted to eat next to the animal.. »

If we lend a bowl to the dogs, we will not serve a customer afterwards, we will not play or pet the dog during the service … We respect the basic rules of hygiene!
“, Abunda is the owner of Louis XI, in Péronne, place André-Audinot. Same old story in brasserie Le Central, where the good feelings of the owners are also lined up. ”
French clients always have small dogs. But foreign clients, the Dutch in particular, vacation with big dogs – Malinois, German shepherds … – They have everything they need and they are very calm. The only thing is that when it rains it can be complicated because there is little room for them inside. »

“As long as he is smart and has no problems”

In Roye, three cafés agree: ”
We accept dogs
“. A four-foot welcome is possible at the Jubilee in the town hall square, and at the HQ, rue Duquesnel. But in reality, only Frapamasy La cloche d’or seems to have repeated visits to the animals. To Gilles Caron, the owner: “
Every afternoon, customers arrive with their labrador. As long as he’s smart and has no problems, he’s welcome. The dog is the mirror of his master. If we had, it wouldn’t have been heavy if we drank.
For Gigliola Spigolon, head of Roye HQ: “
People need to have common sense. If they find out their dog is rude, they won’t take it. For coffee or a drink on the terrace, of course reach the doggies, no problem.
»If required and requested by clients, bowls can be used to make the wait more pleasant to the dogs.

At the bar Les 3 Pigeons d’Albert, doggies are also welcome. ”
They just don’t have the right to sit in the seats!
the boss smiled. The owner’s dog, 12, was behind the counter with his owners. ”
In the past, he provided a change, but at Covid we couldn’t do it anymoreexplanation to the owner. We never had a problem with him with Albert. The only times when we were on vacation: some restaurants refused it. With that, we walked away.

Sometimes annoying customers

When restaurateurs accept our four -legged friends, sometimes they fall on sacred bones. ”
Once, I remember that on May 1, they were 4 people with two large dobermans and wanted to eat indoors, but the room was full. I rejected them
“, Recalls the boss at Albert’s Corner’s Pub.

At Louis XI of Péronne, the owners recall having already acquired a dog in the Pyrenean mountains: “
It took up all the space at two tables!
And the record is in the Bistrot d’Antoine, next door:
Two show dogs that are supposed to be big to me. They are beautiful, but how great they are!

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