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The MCU Phase 4 brings us more than ever to visit the boundaries of the Marvel universe. While many movies are wanted Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor: Ragnarok and Captain Marvel exploring alien worlds, recent movies have gone even further, highlighting some of the most powerful entities in the Marvel Universe. We have proof of this with Loki, The Eternalsand recently, Thor: Love and Thunder. And rightly so, the MCU is taking the opportunity to be introduced slowly extremely powerful entities, which has connections to the entire universe of comics. We took stock of one of these entities, introduced by Thor: Love and Thunderwhich however has little to do with with the entity shown in the comic.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the film. Thor: Love and Thunder. Do not continue reading if you do not want to read this.

all about this major character in the film

Warning, spoilers start here.

Produced by Stan Lee and Steve Ditkothe character of Eternity (Eternity in VO) appears for the first time in number 138 of the series Strange Storieswhich was published in August 1965. In this comic with the main character Doctor Strange, Eternity is presented as a mysterious and powerful entity that lives in another dimension. Doctor Strange is sent to Eternity in the Ancient One, and demands greater power to help him defeat him Dormammu and Baron Mordo.

Although the exact nature of Eternity not explained when he first appears, later stories establish that he is the living body of Earth-616 himself, the metaphysical personification of the universe and all life within it. As such, Eternity has unfathomable cosmic power, matched only by a small handful of entities in the Marvel Multiverse.

Because of its great cosmic significance and its metaphysical nature, Eternity doesn’t care much about comics. After all, he’s not the kind of character who crosses paths with Spider-Man or Captain America every day. However, we learn later (and often in the comics) that Eternity is protected by a known guardian. as “Captain Universe”which is not a hero in the traditional sense of the term, but rather a kind of mantle that passes from one host to another, which gives them extraordinary cosmic powers, to overcome all the dangers that threaten them. Spider-Man even briefly became Captain Universe in the 1980s scenario.

Eternity was formed early in existence with his sister, the Eternal. Infini exists as a living embodiment of space, and the twins represent the incomparable power of the cosmos. The Eternal and Infinite reign of existence, surpassed only by the Living Tribunal. The multiverse has an important role in the fourth phase, so it makes a lot of sense, in a way, that Eternity can be seen today. He is the living embodiment of the multiverse, with the power to alter time, space and reality. But we can predict this scary entry into the MCU after some details, which are present in other films.

The arrival of Eternity in the MCU was previously teased

Before its possible appearance on Love and Thunderthe existence of Eternity was foreshadowed in two films of Guardians of the Galaxy. A mural in the Temple of Power Stone in Morag actually depicts the image of Eternity.

A more obvious reference appears later in the film, when Ego unlocks Star-Lord’s Celestial Power : a field of swirling stars appears in his eyes as he says “I see it… Forever”. Although the Eternity entity is never directly mentioned, it is likely that this allusion was intended.

On the contrary, on Thor: Love and Thunder, Eternity finally makes its triumphant debut in the MCU. Although his name is mentioned several times early in the film, Eternity never enters the story until the third act, when it is revealed that Gorr plans to reach an unnamed planet at the center of the universe. , where he can use Stormbreaker to open the gates of Eternity. He wants to make one and only wish thanks to Eternity, which is to eliminate all the gods in the universe. As we know, Gorr will change his mind, and make a completely different wish, but that’s another story.

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