If “Made In France” changes the relationship with the customer


Find out why La Banque Postale, a French citizen bank with a mission, 100% subsidiary of the emblematic La Poste Group, trusts Zaion, a French scale-up and its proprietary partnership discuss AI technologies “Made In France” to transform the customer relationship.

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Sandrine Beltran, Director of Customer Relations, La Banque Postale – Tell us about BP?

A subsidiary of the La Poste group, La Banque Postale recently celebrated its 16th anniversary. It is a local bank, present throughout the country with 17,000 contact points including 7,600 post offices. Since the merger with CNP in 2020, La Banque Postale is a leading European bank-insurer, a leader in sustainable finance that puts itself at the service of a rational transition to meet the challenges of the environment, society, territorial and digital.

Thierry DE LAITRE, VP – Customer Success, Zaion – Also tell us about your company?

It is a young AI-enhanced customer relations company based in Paris. We support from A to Z, large companies where we provide callbot solutions: conversational agents… triggered by phone.

Sandrine Beltran – Why do you need to call Zaion?

We have a mission of banking accessibility and inclusion. Of the 20 million customers we support, 3 million are vulnerable or vulnerable customers. At the beginning of the month, when social benefits are paid, we receive a 30% peak in calls for account balance reasons or arriving at a transfer. The callbot solution imposes itself because it offers an unlimited processing capacity that can be “disconnected” according to the flows. It also offers real interaction with our customers using a voice specially developed by Lab Zaion in line with our values ​​as a Citizen Bank. This development project lasted 6 months in agile mode with a multi-disciplinary team around Zaion support.

Sandrine Beltran – How would you describe your callbot Lucy?

Lucy and I are very proud, our prodigy daughter! He did his classes on the account consultation machine where he learned banking vocabulary. He improved very quickly and after a few months, he was able to handle calls from 3639, always in the balance of the account. In May, for the first time, Lucy took clients waiting to be treated by a counselor. He rose to the challenge with flying colors: 89% of our customers said they were satisfied! It is the first callbot in France for bank account consultation and it won a gold medal at the CX Awards 2022 in the Selfcare and chat category.[1]bot.

Thierry DE LAITRE – What are the specifics of your solutions?

Zaion makes the committed choice in the French sector with proprietary technologies, 100% made in France developed within the Zaion Lab at our site in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. The use of our own voice recognition technology allows us to achieve the best rate of understanding French speech for the field of customer relations. This freedom and this technological power have the sole purpose of providing our customers with a useful, efficient, innovative and safe service.

Sandrine Beltran – Why did you choose to play Lucy?

We actually chose to include our bot to play the AI: he has a voice, a silhouette, a first name and he’s even the hero of a mini-series! Our teams are comfortable with the simplest calls and can handle calls with higher stakes, whether relational, commercial or emotional. Lucy can now detect if the customer is a senior and therefore adapts to the flow of his voice. In the future, we want it to detect emotions such as stress, anger or tense situations to directly direct the client to an advisor. In short, Lucy is a collaborator like any other but with superpowers!

If you want more information on the subject, see the replay of the Zaion slot on the occasion of CX Paris 2022.

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