I love Elden Ring, even though I hate all the Dark Souls in this world

I really don’t understand the appeal of Dark Souls and other FromSoftware games, which I associate more with video game masochism than anything else.

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Yes, there is an aspect to the challenge, the desire to excel and overcome difficulties, but if I am in a sweat one night, I can cook myself some spaghetti sauce or try to wash away the relatively unattainable ones. corner of my shower.

There are people who have a way of life, who spend time studying the actions of an enemy so that – perhaps – they have a chance to be defeated after 12 hours of failed attempts. I respect that, but personally it’s not for me.

So you can understand that whenElden rings released in February through several reviews, I found myself somewhat stuck.

Caught in the midst of my contempt Dark Souls and my curiosity for the supposedly unbelievable open world of Lands Between. Caught amidst my fear of throwing $ 80 in the trash by buying a game I never really wanted and of missing something important by choice.

The famous FOMOthe “fear of losing” as the English say, however, got the better reason and I ended up buying the latest FromSoftware title on a whim.

Mainly because I was afraid something would get lost.

Well, about three months ago, I have to say, it was one of the best decisions I have made so far.

I am now a convert to the great religion ofElden rings. And if I’m here today, it’s to preach the good news. Hallelujah!

Go on an adventure, really

I agree, I didn’t see the first few minutes ofElden rings very reassuring. After making your funny character (mine have frozen tips and an ankle the height of the Burj Khalifa) and selecting its properties, you are shown a kind of vault, where there is little instruction.

Screenshot Raphaël Lavoie / From Software

Wake up my brave adventurer

The regulars of Dark Souls would say it was a great luxury. For my part … I would say that, yes, in fact, it is a lesson. But that doesn’t equip you for an overnight stay. Which means that when you come out a few minutes later and finally land in the Lands Between worlds, it buttocks! Literally and figuratively. Less than three minutes later, a large knight had already knocked me down with my wizard’s staff.

“Okay, $ 80 for trash,” I thought to myself.

Other than that, at the same time, and probably hoping I hadn’t completely burned a month’s worth of Hydro in a game that would forever accumulate dust on a shelf in my basement, I rememberElden rings takes place in a large open world.

So I bypassed the famous knight and just went … somewhere else! Then, from street to street, I met characters, I visited caves, dungeons. I crossed the enemy camps, I saw a dragon. I found a nice shield and learned how to use it. I was given a unique mysterious horse and continued to explore. Once again and again.

Image From Software

Obviously I died unnoticed in the first few hours. And always as much, if not more, afterwards. Many times, I put myself in an unstable situation, where I am a lot, but very weak for the league. But different from Dark Souls In this world, I no longer have to constantly hold my brain to the same enemy, in the same region. I can just leave!

This freedom is only enhanced by the loss of a list of searches – primary and secondary – and the loss of starting points of interest or landmarks on your map. Every surprise is exactly the same.

Which leads me to say that rarely in my life have I explored an open world that feels so organic, so alive. Kada abli nako Elden ringsI really felt like I was going on an adventure with my virtual alter ego with peroxide hair.

Image From Software

There hasn’t been an hour without discovery, without surprise and, obviously, without some oath being launched in a relatively liberal manner. But that’s the beauty of it. You never feel safe and, more often than not, you need to know how to use your instincts and your guts.

There is something very real and, by the same token, very visceral Elden rings. This is not an adventure game … this is an adventure simulator!

Git gud or not git gudthat is the question

I have addressed the subject in a few paragraphs above, but I will insist here: Elden rings not easier than other previous games from FromSoftware. On the contrary! And of course I seem to be contradicting myself after saying out loud and clearly that video game masochism is not my cup of tea.

However, here this difficulty can be overcome without repetition. Knowing the actions of bosses and other enemies is truly ideal, and often even more important, but there are other ways to speed up your journey.

Granted, the difficulty level is still and always isn’t, but whether it’s by finding the right weapons, shaping your character to fit your playstyle or exploring (and leveling up) is more than necessary. to play Elden rings without finding yourself in an eternal state of frustration.

Image From Software

I speak from experience, being myself a gamer with limited patience, who is never ashamed to lower a notch (or two) the difficulty level of a game. In this sense, I have the impression that the popular belief that it is really necessary git gud (well, in good internet parlance) to play a work in FromSoftware fades with Elden rings.

We agree, this is not the end Kirby, but through its structure and the great play it has to offer, we are constantly evolving, and this, without having to realize it. And within a few hours, a boss who once seemed unbearable to us suddenly became more manageable.

Like exploration, growth is remarkably organic. I’ll repeat, it’s hard, but, in the end, it’s less frustrating than one might think.

This is for games like Elden rings that we play

I don’t know about you, but when I get into a new game, I want to be surprised (happily, not to mention) and experience, if possible, something I’ve never experienced before. . I want to be surprised, wandering around. To feel things, in short.

That’s what we played, after all: the absolutely exhilarating feeling of making our first steps into a unique universe. I was still nostalgic at first Metal Gear Solidmy first Crash Bandicoot. The beautiful slap I received on my proverbial face when I dropped myself. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Elden rings makes me live this same kind of height video game. It’s this precious feeling of discovering your next favorite game, which will continue to live with you for a long time after you put the controller on.

Image From Software

For me, Elden rings is a masterpiece, a game that only happens a few times per generation. Skeptics, go ahead, get confused! the hypeI assure you, it is very true.

And that, I have proven from the height of my many years of experience as a critic of FromSoftware games.

It’s one, you love it, I’ll tell you.


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