I lived 4 months with 4G as fixed internet … not too bad

I had to spend 2 weeks without fixed internet, I found myself on 4G for 4 months. What I do know is that it’s not terrible …

After my move, Orange’s failures prevented me from connecting to fiber for 4 full months. Enough for me to discover the life of 4G, check out Omar’s experience in 2017 (30 days with 40 GB of 4G for the only connection) and realize that the problems encountered don’t necessarily make me think. .

A 4G key instead of fiber

To allow me to wait faster for the 3 weeks that initially had to separate me from my connection, Orange gave me a 4G key as well as a SIM card with 200 GB of DATA. You pass me convolutions in the store to explain to me that Sosh (for my phone) and Orange (for my fiber) are not the same entities… but they can credit me 200 GB directly to my phone if I want.

This 4G key-which still uses a micro-SIM format to give you an idea of ​​its age-finally served me 4 months with multiple reloads on DATA at 200GB and on its own I was amazed at how effective it was for easy use. Whether it was working, video conferencing or watching Netflix, I never felt any real speed limit or anything, except that I had to constantly monitor my consumption and ask for a top-up if I reached the limit.

Orange’s Airbox 4G still uses micro-SIM // Source: Orange

An eye on the counter

This limitation also shows itself to be a brake in my use on many occasions. Play online? Avoid it instead. Try cloud gaming? Not even in a dream. Downloading games from Xbox Game Pass? Only if they are not too heavy. I also had the unpleasant surprise of learning that my entire Adobe suite (Photoshop, Lightroom, etc.) was updated in the background, causing me to exceed my limit and force me to switch connection sharing from on my phone one day, until my 200 GB is recharged.

At the end of four months, I even restricted my use of Netflix so that I would no longer be in constant contact with Orange. A blessing in disguise, I was able to bring down my bunch of books to read …

My biggest concern is the lack of a router. An old 4G key is enough to share the connection between a computer and a connected television, but when it comes to managing a home network, that’s a different story. Even the Philips Hue bridge has to connect to Ethernet, a port that didn’t exist before dongle Alcatel was loaned to my future ex-ISP. All my bulbs are so I keep the final configuration given before I move, it’s just that I’m looking forward to the beating.

Philips Hue White and Color
Philips Hue bridge connects via Ethernet…

In conclusion, if your 4G network is as good quality as Orange in the Paris region, using it as your primary connection is possible, but you should subscribe to an unlimited plan if possible. Also, if you have a large local network to manage, a 4G or even 5G router can be essential. Suffice it to say that it can replace ADSL, but if you have fiber access the question won’t even arise.

SFR 5G Mobile Plan – 140 GB

Unlimited calls

140 GB

2979 locations 5G 3.5GHz
3465 locations 5G/4G is shared

Mobile B & You is planning a special series 5G – 130 GB

Unlimited calls

130 GB

2805 locations 5G 3.5GHz
6676 locations 5G/4G is shared

RED 5G Plan – 80 GB

6 days

Unlimited calls

80 GB

2979 locations 5G 3.5GHz
3465 locations 5G/4G is shared

All 5G plans

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