How to Play Jake the Dog


For anyone who loves Adventure Time and has high damage while still being a bit tanky, MultiVersus’ Jake the Dog is a perfect fit. Jake is not on the top tier list – he is in Tier A – but is still considered powerful. In the right hands, you can defeat characters at any level.

Jake has an arsenal of moves that uniquely transform his body. Players who are not used to these changes should make sure they have the in-game lab open while reviewing this guide to help them practice.



Movements and what they do

Here is a guide on how each of Jake’s moves work and when they are useful to use in a battle as well as how to use them:



Rubber belly, man! (Special Neutral)

  • James eat a nearby fighter WHO disable them.
  • James carried them in his stomach and if touches the the neutral button will spit them out again.
  • enemies eat receive the maximum number of debuff stacksweary made enemies will still fly if hit.
  • Allies gain armor and can be spit out like projectiles.
  • on WINDhe did the same thing.

Boo! (Special side floor)

  • James turned into a horse and run forward transactions injury on enemies he will encounter.
  • In summerteam fights, his return became a podium.
  • In the air, the OFFENSIVES is the it’s the same.
  • This move is possible killing high enough health and not the best execution move to use.

Stretchin’ Out (Up Ground Special)

  • Stretch Jake’s body.
  • All enemies this is Jacques the keys will be pushed back.
  • Jake’s buns be a projectile it return to his head.
  • Probably Jack only bad if a the enemy hit his head.
  • on 150 this move kills.
  • This move is also possible kills about 100 if the the enemy is in mid-air.
  • Players can do this too protective action on the leading edge.

It’s heavy, man (Down Ground Special)

  • Jacques changed on something heavy and hit the ground.
  • demand payment Jacques in keep this change going.
  • Projectiles will be reflected.
  • enemies will be knocked down and damaged.
  • Allies rebound Jacques and them will release a puff projectile.


Eat spikes! (Neutral Ground Attack)

  • James case a seesaw it Break Armor – Armor prevents enemies from being hit when attacked by non-armor break attacks
  • the more load the the more damage it does.
  • This attack kills enemies for free if they at 150 and be one of the main kill moves.
  • With a fully charged move, you can killing on 120.
  • This attack will be activated faster when Jake dodged then immediately used it.

Belly Bump (neutral air attack)

  • James his stomach will be bloated WHO throw enemies forward,
  • This attack combinations on mallet rotation that destroys armor.
  • This is one of Jake’s early openers.
  • One of the best ways to use this move is falling fast on an opponent with.

Funky Junk (side attack)

  • Jake released a punch combo ending with a belly bump
  • Punch has a Sweetspot – deals bonus damage – when the stretch ends.
  • This will be a transition to remove opponents from the map and can be combined with side winds versions for early execution.
  • A gratuitous side punch will be one of Jake’s early openers.

Funky Junk (Side Air Attack)

  • James case and aim for a stretch punch.
  • The punch has a sweet spot at the end of the stretch.
  • Players want use this move on chase opponents across the map for kills.
  • It can be a good opening and usually does not lead to a combo.
    • Use it to make space if a reset is needed.

You cut that! (Ground attack)

  • case a shoot over the head.
  • The load is stretched the GAP on to balance.
  • This move is possible kill enemies up to 150 and be one of the massive killing sprees.
    • This is combo with this killer move so players should earth is the second in the wind to kill.

Mace In Yo Face (Up Air Attack)

  • Jake made a upward mass attack.
  • This movement is true it was combined with a second air attack.
  • This move is possible kills 120 if the the enemy is in mid-air.

Breakups! (Ground attack)

  • James charges a two-way split kick it destroyed the Armor.
  • To avoid and join this attack is the best way to use it because it moves this attack fasterbut it is it’s only good if the opponent loses.

Where is my half moon? (Air attack below)

  • Jake pulled out a skateboard and doing tricks.
  • If Jacques land of enemies, it will damage and merge into a new phase.
  • If Jacques land 3 shots he will apply burning-Makes a fire debuff on enemies, slowly damaging them.
  • This movement great damage and if a player knows they can land all three shots, they must go.

Here are some additional tips to help players master Jake:

  • While Jake has good combos, many of his moves do a lot of damage, so Jake is wanted primarily using openers and killing moves to win matches.
  • If the against is in 120 to 150 and Jake wants to focus on landing his Neutral Ground Attack or Ground Attack.
  • Dodge cancellation is Jake player’s best friend.
    • Jake can do a two hit side ground attack combo, break it up with an ax ground attack dodgeand step into a two hit side of the ground combo with a ground attack again.
    • It’s great for deal token damage to opponents as good as that land of a murder.
  • said Jacques Neutral ground attacks are stronger that he ground attack, but it’s his ground attack is faster and they both kill the same amount.
    • With this in mind, players shouldJake’s ground attack kills more than his neutral ground attack.
    • his neutral ground attack good for damage destruction and killing if available.
  • Jake can go to one neutral air into a stretch punch as the main opener.

Jake the dog combos

These are the combinations that players can use if the players have the chance, but Jake’s learning is not the goal, as mentioned in the tips:

  • Uppercut Air Combo – Ground Attack (side), Ground Attack (top), Jump, Air Attack (neutral)
  • Weak Knockdown Combo – Ground Attack (Side), Ground Attack (Side), Ground Special (Neutral), Jump, Air Special (Side)
  • Bounce Down Combo – Jump, Air Attack (Neutral), Air Attack (Down), Air Attack (Down), Air Attack (Down)
  • Side Ring-Out Air Combo – Jump, Air Attack (Neutral), Air Attack (Down), Air Attack (Neutral), Air Attack (Side)

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