How to choose anti glutton bowl for your dog?

The anti glutton bowl is a specific model of bowl intended to slow down the dog’s eating rate. This makes it possible to slow down the food intake of master dogs and oblige them to avoid obstacles or open different rooms to feed themselves. There are several types of anti glutton bowls and choosing the right model is not always easy. Let’s examine the question in this file.

Anti-glutton bowl: what principle?

As its name suggests, an anti glutton bowl has the principle of slowing down the speed at which the dog can eat his food. It is equipped with specific elements that, placed in the center of the bowl, act as a barrier and make it more difficult for the doggie to access food. Thus the dog cannot swallow his food quickly through large bites, which speeds up his digestion and avoids possible diseases. In addition, he was intellectually motivated because he was forced to think of a way to access food.

There are several types of anti-glutton bowls with varying levels of complexity.

  • The standard anti glutton bowl : this ceramic, stainless steel or silicone bowl consists of barriers placed in the middle or inner edges of the bowl. It can be a relief bone, a spiral, studs, and so on.
  • The anti glutton bowl on the tray : this bowl in the shape of a tray has round studs all over its surface to make it harder to reach the croquettes or the mash. Also called a lick mat, this type of non-slip bowl is very interesting for the animal that regularly eats mash.
  • The anti glutton disc bowl : this device in the form of a disc filled with holes is placed in the dog’s classic bowl to slow down the speed of digestion of its food.
  • The playful anti glutton bowl : This kind of bowl is like a game. It has many rooms that need to be opened by the animal to access the food stored there. In addition to slowing down the dog, it can motivate him intellectually by making him think about food.

Anti-glutton bowl: for what dog?

The anti glutton bowl is not of interest to all dogs. Above all it is intended for doggies who have a tendency to swallow their ration in multiple bites, without too much biting, and much faster. However, dogs that are quick to eat often suffer from digestive diseases and are exposed to the danger of the wrong route.

It’s a good idea to invest in an anti-glutton bowl for dogs that are quick to eat to the point of almost being swallowed, who can quickly regurgitate their food after a meal or swallow air and then swallow. suffering from inflammation, gas, anyone exposed. at risk of abdominal torsion, a real danger of treating an immediate emergency.

Why would a dog be a repeater?

Many dogs eat their ration in less than three minutes. This phenomenon should not be forgotten because of the risks it poses to their health, so the anti-glutton bowl can be an interesting solution.

This need to eat quickly can be explained by many factors. It is possible that the dog was suffering from undernutrition or malnutrition when it was very small, for example that it was forced to struggle to breastfeed its mother or to access a bowl, or that it did not receive food properly. fit his need and sufficient quality.

The dog may also develop a fear of losing, pushing him to eat his ration as a precaution. But there are greedy dogs, who are easy to eat.

Do not hesitate to consult your veterinarian or a dog behaviorist to determine the cause of this disease and to arrange appropriate support.

In fact, keep in mind that fast food intake can have serious consequences that should not be overlooked, especially:

  • digestive disorders (bloating, flatulence, vomiting, abdominal irritation, etc.);
  • the risk of going the wrong way, which can lead to dog choking;
  • abdominal torsion-dilatation syndrome, a serious condition that requires immediate veterinary consultation and rapid surgery to prevent death of the animal, which occurs within hours without adequate care.

How to choose anti glutton bowl for your dog?

We have seen that there are different models of anti-glutton dog bowls. In order to choose the right one for your little partner, it is important to consider certain behaviors.

The size

It is important that the size of the anti glutton bowl is well suited to your dog. In particular, you need to consider the space between the barriers or between the barrier and the inside of the bowl.

In fact, if your doggie is small compared to it, the obstacles can be too far away and his little muzzle can easily get through. The anti glutton bowl is therefore useless because it does not prevent his eating. On the other hand, a dog that is too big for his bowl can no longer use it. The goal is not to stop him from eating, but to slow down his eating.

It should also be noted that, of course, your dog’s food ration should fit perfectly in the anti-glutton bowl. So it has to be the right size.

The material

You can find anti glutton bowls in plastic, ceramic, glass, stainless steel or silicone. We advise not to choose plastic, a material that prevents bad odors and bacteria.

Choose a material easy to clean because of the barriers it has (it should not hold food deposits), or even at best safe to wash dishes. In fact, pay attention to obstacles, which interfere with washing. There are models where these elements are removed to facilitate cleaning.


Not to mention that the bowl needs to be heavy and strong enough to prevent your dog from falling over it by kicking or barking. It is not a question of urging him to empty his contents of the soil, but of slowing down his food intake and/or intellectually motivating him to find solutions to eat.

If possible, choose a heavy anti-glutton bowl with a non-slip device.

Where to buy an anti glutton bowl for your dog? At what price?

You can buy your pooch’s anti-glutton bowl at the pet store or online.

Depending on the size, material and design of the chosen model, you will need a budget of between 10 euros for a simple bowl and up to 40 euros for a sophisticated bowl.

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