How to choose a floral perfume for the summer?

Floral scents are the most frequently recommended for the summer season, when we want freshness and lightness to accompany us on hot days and gentle summer evenings. If you are still hesitant about choosing a floral fragrance or you don’t know how to choose it, here are many tips that will be more useful to you and especially that will allow you to find the fragrance you enjoy. to wear all summer. long.

Flowers used in perfume

Floral fragrances have been very successful since their appearance in the early 20th century, among other things because they can be ignored by about ten different notes, offering many possibilities for perfume, each more fresh than the other. . As their name suggests, these fragrances are inspired by flowers and include a floral note (we immediately say soliflore) or many for the most complex fragrances. Among the flowers used in the perfume, we often find spring flowers (narcissus and daffodil) that evoke freshness, spontaneity and joy, white flowers (jasmine, ylang-ylang, Tiare flower, orange blossom or magnolia) known for their sensitivity, rosy notes (rose, peony, rose geranium), wild flowers (carnation, immortelle or wallflower), powdery flowers (iris, mimosa or violet) and finally more atypical flowers such as silhig, mahonia or champaca. To keep these delicate floral notes from evaporating just minutes after applying a light scent, perfumers often choose a base note with sandalwood or white musk.

Are flower scents good for me?

Many women like to wear floral perfumes when the good time comes, but everyone is obviously unique and it’s perfectly legitimate to ask yourself if it also suits you as a perfume for summer. It is very important to wear a perfume that is tailored to our personality, our daily habits or even our current desires. What should be remembered above all is that floral fragrances are especially suitable for people who are above all looking for a natural, fresh and delicate fragrance that allows them to fully express their feminine charm.

How to wear flower perfume in summer?

When wearing perfume in the summer, the goal is to always succeed in finding the right balance between scent well by wearing an eau de toilette or an eau de parfum that stimulates inflammation. -o and light and avoid cocooning a perfume at all costs. invasive. Choosing a floral scent than your usual scent is a very good idea, as each scent evolves differently under the influence of heat and does not give the same interpretation in autumn or winter as during the spring-summer season. Keep in mind that some perfume molecules can be photosensitizing and stain your skin or even your clothes if you expose yourself to the sun after use, even if it is rare because the molecules in question are often present. in very small quantities. same reason. To avoid any danger, it is therefore advisable to wear a skin lotion at the level of the points of the wrist, that is, inside the wrists, in the hole between the collarbones or behind the ears, or in the part not illuminated. clothing such as on the cuffs or inside the collar. Finally, remember to bet on an alcohol-free perfume if you can, especially during the summer, as alcohol causes a bit of dehydration in the medium term. It is even possible to choose one that is full of alcohol if you remember to properly hydrate yourself in the area where you apply it to maintain beautiful skin and also slow down the evaporation of the perfume.

You already know how to know if a floral perfume will suit you, which floral notes can appeal to you and, more importantly, where to place your perfume to enjoy it quietly. all your summer days without the risk of cocooning or having to go through a fragrance that is more attractive. . It is important to find a happy medium between the two so that this fragrance can be one that will give freshness and light to your summer.

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