how Ramadan disturbed a college in Seine-et-Marne

In office for over twenty years, Sonia [1] became manager of a secondary school in Seine-et-Marne for nearly ten years. Assistant to the head teacher, he is primarily in charge of finance, security, catering, hygiene and human resources in addition to the teachers. According to this ” The Franco-Moroccan was concerned with the values ​​of the Republic the only religion that had an impact on the plans for its establishment was Islam. ” We can speak of an influence on the schedule of projects and activities of the establishment. For example, white patent oral exams are posted because they coincide during Ramadan. Release plans were also posted because of this. »

When asked by teachers if there was a school outing project, Sonia recounted that this year, the choir project at her establishment would have been disrupted by students practicing Ramadan. Some students refused to participate in rehearsals for the year-end performance because during the fast they were forbidden to sing or listen to music, forcing their annoyed teacher to bring the matter to the table. council. . In response, management reportedly asked him to show up ” tolerance », CPE confirmed Sonia – the education principal’s advisor – and another teacher, who are also present.

Recently, at a college in Toulouse, students left class in mid-May when their music teacher listened to them sing a Beatles song during Ramadan. The rectorate was sacked for what could be akin to an act of radicalization around the school, wrote Free lunch.

Selective absenteeism

Ministry services recall that students are under an obligation to attend: ” Students should attend all of the lessons listed in their schedule without dismissing topics that they view as contrary to their convictions. Selective absence due to religion is not acceptable “. The reason for the attack on religious beliefs is not one of the reasons for the disappearance recognized as legitimate:” In addition, if the student is not obligated to register for an optional school outing, public education rules apply to him or her if he or she decides to participate. “. According to the Ministry, if there is doubt or obvious refusal on the part of the student, the head teacher should begin a family dialogue before there is a possibility, if there is repeated refusal, to request that action.of the Republic team.

For Sonia, the students ’Ramadan practice comes in spite of everything to compromise the calendar of her establishment. ” We internalized Ramadan as an official event: “we can’t have that time since Ramadan is over”, “it is better to avoid organizing open days on such a day, it will be Eid” “The manager reported, indignant. When questioned, Bruno Bobkiewicz, principal and general secretary of the SNPDEN, the main union of heads of establishments and former principal of Saint-Denis and Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis), testified: “ Dragging the date of the parent and teacher meeting from one day to another allows people to celebrate their religion because a religious holiday is non-transferable. The official bulletin also provides a day off for a religious holiday despite confession. As for the exams, the national baccalaureate has never been transferred even if it falls in Ramadan. “.

Ramadan and not in the canteen

Also responsible for half-board finances, Sonia was surprised at the lack of equality between a student who was absent due to illness and a student who was practicing Ramadan. ” Ramadan justifies delays, absenteeism, lack of work, aggression on the part of students but what shocked me the most was that the canteen rules provided that the consecutive absence of two weeks of illness entitles canteen bill discount.he wept. On the other hand, the days of the absence of Ramadan are taken by order of the head of the establishment! “.

Bruno Bobkiewicz wants to recontextualize: “ Half board discounts depend on the establishment. If we have students who go on school trips for a week, they are obviously paid. Justified, recorded and expected loss entitle the family to compensation, but it is specific to each establishment. Especially since Ramadan is expected and lasts for a month. In addition, in 2017 and 2019 in Sucy-en-Brie (Val-de-Marne) and Maisons-Laffitte (Yvelines), the management of the Fort and Cocteau colleges provoked the anger of parents of students by distribution of forms to students to fill out. from the event of Ramadan practice, to the anticipation of ordering meals.

Pork and food service

If Sonia regrets that the rectorate advised her to show up ” consolation “In the face of the various returns he has given them, he has explained that the department has” changing tone “Since the last departmental election:” The canteen rules have been overhauled: there is no longer a substitute dish if pork is on the menu, for example. “. It doesn’t stop some parents from complaining about the situation to the board of directors or via email, who are sad that their children have nothing else to eat in the canteen other than pork.” This is wrong he assured : Starters and side dishes are usually not pork-based. In addition, the students of the Jewish faith never asked for a substitute dish at my college. »

The chef at Sonia’s establishment didn’t hesitate to tell her that some of her fellow chefs who officiate at other establishments would rather not put pork in it anymore. ” When they say “pâte carbonara”, it means “bacon” with chicken. They also replace chorizo ​​with paella or pork ham on pizzas “said the chef. Sonia saw for herself that if she wanted to order from suppliers, chicken sausages were systematically offered.” You have to specify “pork” if you want to order it, which hasn’t been before! Similarly, gelatin is no longer pork “, Support Sonia and the manager of her canteen.

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But since last year, the catering helper assisting the cook has refused to touch the pork in the preparation of meals. ” The chef has to take care of it, multiplying his tasks when it is under the help of catering. Of course, I intervened, but the catering assistant held out his guns, telling me he wanted to see the reaction of the students ’parents if I continued to force him to do so. “Sonia was upset. The manager later made a report to the department, but his headteacher allegedly refused to countersign it so it could be sent.

Bruno Bobkiewicz supports Sonia’s situation and believes her teacher should start a discussion with the agent concerned. ” If, despite our discussion, the catering assistant persists in his refusal to manage the pig, I will refer it to the department. “said the principal. The Ministry of National Education, remembering that school catering is the responsibility of local authorities, also wants to point out that respect for the principle of secularism binds all public service staff . whether they are National Education staff or local authority agents working in schools “. For the ministry, in the case of local authority staff, the head of the establishment must notify his” hierarchical authority in the event of a violation of the duty of neutrality “.

(1) Changed the name of his request.

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