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Since Taulier’s death in 2017, Johnny Hallyday’s memory has remained etched in the minds of his late wife, Laeticia Hallyday. In fact, there wasn’t a week that she didn’t pay tribute to him and he was always in her heart. According to the latest Instagram stories from Jade and Joy’s mother, she is still struggling to mourn… We share her disturbing words with you!

Laeticia Hallyday will never forget the rocker

Do we really have to mourn one day? Or is it better that we accept living with our grief? It is said that over time, the pain will disappear more, but this is not yet the case with Laeticia Hallyday. In fact, even if she finds love again in the arms of Jalil Lespert, that she takes advantage of her daughters and that she pays off her husband’s debts individually, she has yet to find peace. inside. Granted, it’s been four years since she joined the stars, but she finds it hard to forget the man in her life. She keeps posting her pictures on social media so we don’t forget.

It has to be said that these past few months have not been easy. Laeticia Hallyday left the house in Marnes-la-Coquette where she was out of breath, because she had to sell it. It is sad for him who especially loves this place where the couple spent wonderful times with their little girls. In addition, he also has health problems. So, you know, the atmosphere is not good for the beautiful blonde.

Health issues that interfere with daily life

In fact, Jade and Joy’s mother remained in the hospital in March, due to hypokalemia before being diagnosed with gouty arthritis. It was a complicated disease to manage every day, because he could not eat anything. For example, he should eliminate from his diet all foods high in purine such as red meat and some fish. Of course, alc ** l and saturated fats should also be banned!

Laeticia Hallyday, very nostalgic…

Fortunately, he is not alone in overcoming these health problems. In fact, he is very much surrounded by his two daughters, his friends and also his very understanding partner, Jalil Lespert. Chasing the rocker was never easy, but he was there to support her as much as he could. Especially since he’s also an unconditional Taulier fan. The couple also met when he was working on a biopic of Johnny Hallyday. This is a great story and we hope it lasts as long as possible. In any case, it didn’t stop Laeticia Hallyday from thinking about her deceased husband. He will always post pictures of himself on his account instagram so that it can live a little. Recently, Taulier was seen kissing Joy’s fingers.

Another photo where you can see Laeticia Hallyday and Johnny smiling and happy. Finally, the pretty blonde also shared a video from the report’s France 2 where Jade and Joy’s mother hugged one of her daughters. Taulier followed and he continued Love Me Gentle, by Elvis Presley…

Strong emotional moments that prove he hasn’t turned the page yet. Will he be able to do it one day? In any case, Jalil Lespert will do everything for it!

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