“He’s so absent, I don’t want to see him anymore”

(Photo by Eric Fougere/Corbis via Getty Images) Arnaud Ducret and his difficult relationship with his father: “He’s not much, I don’t want to see him”

This Tuesday, August 16, 2022, TF1 gave carte blanche to Arnaud Ducret in a show called “Arnaud Ducret in all his states”. The opportunity to return to the touching secrets of the 43-year-old actor who had to build himself without his father, with whom he had a complicated relationship for a long time.

Over the years, Arnaud Ducret established himself as one of the actors who count on the television scene, especially thanks to his roles in the series “Parents mode d’emploi” or television shows, like the biopic of Grégory Lemarchal, “Why. I lived”. Also on the big screen, Arnaud Ducret excelled in many comedies, such as “Les Profs”, “Divorce Club” or “Les dents, pee et au lit”. So much for the known face of a public figure. Behind the scenes, behind his valves and his constant good humor, Arnaud Ducret hides childhood sorrows that took him a long time to heal.

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Sick relationship

Born in Rouen on December 6, 1978, Arnaud Ducret quickly experienced the separation of his parents. A painful divorce for someone who was once a little boy and who felt “abandoned, for years”, as he confessed with emotion in the columns of Gala, in 2018. The abandonment of his father from the family home marks a turning point in the life of Arnaud Ducret, who understands that things will never change. For years, she secretly hoped to see this absent father again: “I waited for him to come, but he was always late.” The loss is such that growing up, tired of waiting for this father figure, Arnaud Ducret made a radical decision: “Sometimes, when I come home from the weekend, I cry and tell my mother no I wanted to go. his house. And then, when I made up my mind, about 16, I didn’t see him anymore. I didn’t want to.”

The situation lasts for many years, where father and son sometimes try to find each other … in vain. The gap widens, time destroys the links. “Many things are wrong in his private life so that he can take children” the actor estimated years ago. In 2018, while participating in the program “Cap Horn” on M6, Arnaud Ducret returned with the emotion of this painful relationship: “My father was absent a lot when I was young. I did not see him for a long time. I don’t want to see him anymore.” He had to wait until he was an adult to see this father without much: “I saw him again later when I started to develop professionally. We talked a lot and that … now I’m proud of him because he’s worked hard on him. We can’t make up time but we’ve experienced things like the 24 hours of Le Mans.”

A difficult start to the career

If these reunions come at the right time, it will not be easy​​​​to handle from the beginning, as the actor confessed in the columns of the Gala: “Even though I am happy, it is painful and strange, because it’s been years since we have. really talked to each other (…) When I think about our story, I tell myself that we have come a long way. But from this family history, Arnaud Ducret got good things from it. It was partly to deceive him that he also chose to move to an artistic path under the spotlight: “I was messing around at school (…) I was doing something stupid. J I have my mom. he was alone and when he said to me, ‘Go and do your job as an actor’, I found work immediately.”

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But there too, not everything was easy for Arnaud Ducret. Before landing roles on the small and big screen, he had to go through small jobs to say the least…unusual. For a while, and in parallel with his training at Cours Florent, he worked for the cult M6 show, Le Morning Live, and earned a little money by doing odd jobs: “In the afternoon I worked in a shop, at night in a restaurant, and from time to time, I dub pornographic films” he dropped into the microphone of Europe 1. “I dub everything and everything because there is no budget. it’s all mine. I duplicate the voice, not physically, although I can! You try to follow the rhythm if I can tell. They don’t bother about the plots of pornographic movies. Arnaud Ducret is a man full of surprises…

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