Here’s your horoscope for Monday, August 22, 2022: love, money, work, health…

What day can you expect emotionally, financially or health wise? Check it out below with our complete horoscope, signed by sign.

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Love: You will feel that you are the only one making concessions and will be very open. Don’t wait nervously to point it out to your partner, it’s better to have a productive discussion than to start an argument without concrete.

Money at Work: Avoid impulsively joining an adventure that may lead you to a dead end. Think twice before making a final decision. You do not have very clear ideas at the moment and it is better to wait for a more favorable moment.

Health: Treat yourself a little more. Only you can truly take care of yourself and know your limits. Don’t wait to be told to rest, listen to your body.

Mood: More than a gloomy day.

Tip: Treat yourself to the pleasure of a massage to evacuate all the accumulated tension.


Love: Even if you have to face some arguments in these last days when you are not at your best, the atmosphere of your couple will be very nice. You are in the mood for love and you will show it! Solo, you can make some real or virtual encounters. You prioritize communication.

Work-Money: You have a certain creative force consisting of inspiration and fantasy. Use it to start new projects, they will only be more successful. Don’t let certain members of your professional team benefit from your mistakes.

Health: Your nervous tension will increase significantly. You put the pressure on yourself! You have time to do things calmly so there is no need to try to rush. You will not lack energy and your morale will be high.

Mood: Beautiful day ahead.

Tip: Instead of drinking coffee even at the end of the day, choose soothing herbal teas.


Love: You want to put a touch of fantasy in your sentimental relationship. It is very good if it is about new experiences for both but if you choose an extramarital affair, you will pay the consequences.

Money at Work: You may have the opportunity to make useful contacts for the rest of your career. Don’t ignore any relationship and think bigger for your projects.

Health: Good immunity of the body and nerves.

Mood: carefree day.

Tip: Learn how to relax and enjoy all the good times without expecting the consequences to be delivered.


Love: As a family, some clashes are likely to happen, especially since diplomacy is not your forte at the moment. If you can’t make an effort, isolate yourself. Your spouse and loved ones will not endure your words or your irony forever.

Work-Money: You are a little worried about your work. You have the impression that the elements are avoiding you more often. This feeling of not having everything under control makes you angry at the highest level. However, this is completely subjective, you are not happy with yourself even if your position is not in danger.

Health: Avoid putting too much effort on your body. You overdo it in hopes of releasing your nervous tension. Do some relaxation or use sophrology techniques to relax

Mood: Mood can be tense.

Tip: Be assertive and that’s fine, but leave room for others.


Love: Especially now that you are distant, you tend to withdraw yourself. This is a character unlike you, you usually want to be surrounded by your loved ones. Pick yourself up, go, have fun! Life is too short to be alone and locked up!

Work-Money: You put your body and soul into your work. You can no longer count your hours and show great involvement in every file, every case. Could this be a way for your colleagues to escape? A long-standing administrative problem may be resolved and an amount of money may be returned to you.

Health: This day is not good, you may suffer from lower back pain or stomach pain. It must be said that your nervous tension has risen, which often creates psychosomatic disorders. Your pain is real, but if you are able to relax and decompress everything will be better.

Mood: A rather gloomy day.

Advice: Don’t let depression get the better of you, don’t hesitate to express your feelings.


Love: Tenderness and seduction are on the program. You are especially spoiled today and want to share privileges with your partner.

Work-Money: A dynamic phase is ahead. Now is a good time to start a new project or get support. Choose the right people and all should be well.

Health: Good tone.

Mood: This day promises to be bright.

Tip: Why not put green plants in your bathroom? This will bring him a little spring side.


Love: You naturally like to focus on yourself. Certain events may force you to review your behavior if you want to move in the right direction.

Work-Money: Work is less difficult than usual. Your movements are unimpeded. The stars will favor the education and communication sector.

Health: Possible muscle aches.

Mood: It’s a rather cloudy day.

Tip: Do the shopping so you can prepare healthy meals for yourself. Don’t miss anything!


Love: Your relationships will gain love and enthusiasm. What a wonderful encouragement! It is the new experiences that will benefit you the most. Invent!

Work-Money: You will benefit from significant financial support or the support of influential people. A good surprise awaits you in the professional field. You will be completely satisfied with the working conditions and your salary may change in the coming weeks.

Health: A bit restless at the end of the day. Try to balance your meals.

Mood: Good day overall.

Advice: Learn how to take advantage of opportunities that may arise. Be confident.


Love: This is an ideal day to dedicate yourself to others. It will give you a lot of satisfaction. Good works fill the hearts of those who receive them but also those who do them.

Work-Money: You will have the perfect opportunity to prove your skills to your superiors. Don’t miss your chance! This can be considered a lack of initiative. If you are thinking of getting a loan, put the odds on your side, prepare your file.

Health: You need to relax, you are too nervous. Do some relaxation, sport… in short, find a derivative to decompress.

Mood: A very good day for your ego.

Tip: Be careful if the perfume you want to wear makes some people feel embarrassed.


Love: You will be generous and considerate of your family members. Your loved ones, who are a little surprised at first, will see this as a good omen for a change that is as unexpected as it is radical. Single, you control yourself and break out of your routine.

Work-Money: For some time now, the unexpected has been increasing and you have a feeling of being interrupted in your activities. Be patient, impatience is not fruitful. Why not renew your work team? An unexpected expense will force you to review your entertainment and vacation budget.

Health: It is good to increase your sleep time. Take care of yourself, don’t be tired.

Mood: You’ve seen better times.

Advice: Take a nice hot bath, with background music and you will get rid of all the tensions you have accumulated.


Love: You find your partner more demanding than usual. Be open to his requests, this is only temporary. If it takes too long, talk about it.

Work-Money: You spread yourself unnecessarily. So you need to refocus your project to hope for a result. Review your priorities and reorganize.

Health: You need rest.

Mood: Pretty normal day.

Advice: No one can resist your smile! You can get what you want quickly by being kind.


Love: You are both cold and hot. This Scottish shower climate does not promote family harmony. You will show an idealism that is incompatible with life as a couple. You believe that you can avoid all problems.

Money at Work: Set specific goals so you don’t get carried away on risky adventures. You may show unusual honesty. This is the strength that prevails in the material realm.

Health: You will not lack vitality or dynamism, so play sports.

Mood: A slightly destabilizing day.

Tip: There is nothing better than a little physical exercise to get rid of the nervous tension you have accumulated.

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