Here’s your horoscope for Friday, July 29, 2022: love, money, work, health…

What day can you expect emotionally, financially or health wise? Check it out below with our complete horoscope, signed by sign.

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Love: Family issues will be on the agenda. Take advice from your partner, he can guide you more than you think. You can trust him. Single, you feel more alone than usual.

Work-Money: In the field of finances, be careful. Opt for long-term investment. The time is not good for careless spending. It will come. Don’t neglect your daily tasks in favor of a more personal project.

Health: Do not make too violent efforts or watch out for muscle strains. Remember to warm up properly if you must exercise.

Mood: You’re better!

Tip: Don’t think about what could be, focus on what you can do.


Love: A climate of love reigns in your affective life. Don’t make hasty decisions. Take the time to ask yourself to compare all the elements and if you can, postpone any important decision until later, you are not in a favorable climate.

Work-Money: You will encounter new challenges throughout the day. Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid. You can handle all complicated situations if you can keep yourself calm.

Health: You need rest. Vacation as soon as possible! In the meantime, feel free to delegate some of your daily tasks. Asking for help is not a proof of weakness but of clarity.

Mood: Strong day.

Tip: Give yourself moments of solitude to relieve the pressure and breathe a little.


Love: There are some changes in your relationship. The astral climate will again enable you to express yourself within your couple. Single, there is a surprise in store for you.

Money at Work: You will learn how to take calculated risks and you will be able to convince your colleagues. You will never lack motivation. You will be attacked for new projects or new businesses.

Health: This is the form! You will not lack dynamism.

Mood: Pretty normal day.

Tip: Check your activities. Then you should feel lighter, more in tune with events.


Love: Today, anything surprising is possible. If you are single, now is not the time to withdraw yourself. Open yourself to all possibilities. On the other hand, if you live as a couple, stay focused on your partner.

Work-Money: You will see your professional situation in a new light. A partner can open your eyes and make you aware of your possibilities and your prospects for development. If you’ve been spending a lot, you may need to adjust your entertainment budget downwards.

Health: You have one hell of a tone! You have to use your strength before it turns into aggression. You can’t stand to walk around or spend a lot of time sitting.

Mood: The horizon is clearing.

Tip: Water is the most thirst-quenching drink, remember that. With others, we respond more to pleasure than need.


Love: It is better to remain friendly with your family even if there are disagreements. Respect the opinion of others and above all listen to what they have to say. Single, you are quite sure of yourself and your beauty.

Work-Money: You invest a lot of energy in your plans for the future. The family, the real estate reserves for you excellent surprises that will serve your interests in the near future. Do not let this stop you from doing your work diligently, do not relax your efforts.

Health: You need to remove stress to maintain an objective view of things, otherwise, you will not be able to relax and small worries may appear.

Mood: Ups and downs.

Tikyo: Don’t send! The stars can push you too far in many places.


Love: Your partner’s reactions can improve your perspective on things. You will grow from some conversations and you will question some of your values. A new friendship can open new perspectives for you. You will question some of your assurances.

Work-Money: You will double your efforts and perseverance to maintain the rhythm of your activity. You may need to give up some tasks to devote yourself to a project that is important to you. You should keep your accounts more strictly than usual so as not to dip into your savings.

Health: You need rest even if you don’t know it. You’ve spent a lot of energy in the past few weeks and it’s time to give yourself a break.

Mood: Busy ahead.

Advice: You dream of being lazy, on holidays… spring has an effect on you!


Love: As a couple, you will probably decide to put marriage or children first. Single, you start a relationship that lasts. You feel like you’re ready to make a long-term commitment.

Money at Work: You will be able to make interesting contacts for the project you have been thinking about for a while now. You will have the green light from your superiors and you can let your creativity run wild.

Health: You will benefit from good stamina, but minor stomach aches can disrupt your day.

Mood: The atmosphere will be peaceful.

Advice: Don’t be tempted to make purchases that you will easily regret.


Love: In the past few days, your romantic relationship has calmed down and intensified. You evolved in a calmer climate but are still very sensual and gentle. If you are single, you may want to consider strengthening a new relationship or at least really invest. The astral climate is very favorable to you, enjoy it.

Work-Money: Today, you must be careful not to be mistaken for gratitude, by over-confidence in yourself. In fact, the atmosphere of the planet keeps you on your own and you can neglect to make important checks. On the financial side, you should be calm because now the astral climate seems to have lost interest in this sector of your sky.

Health: Do yoga or relax. You need to relax to keep the form, otherwise neck or lower back pain will occur unless it is a headache. In short, you need to get rid of the nervous tension you have accumulated over the past few days.

Mood: relatively calm day.

Advice: Indulge yourself a little. Don’t try to analyze every situation before acting.


Love: You don’t have much time to spend on your love affairs. So the season promises to be calm in the sentimental sector, but new friendships should be born.

Work-Money: All your persuasion is needed to get more time on a project that is behind schedule. You must do everything to show that your superiors are right to trust you.

Health: Stress increases.

Mood: Mood can be tense.

Advice: The ambient climate is quite dark, sometimes it is difficult to relax. However, there are tricks to get there.


Love: Don’t be shy! Your naturalness is your best weapon of persuasion. If you like someone, it’s time to express your love, you have all the cards in hand. As a couple, don’t mess with routine.

Work-Money: You are determined to improve and your concentration is there. If this is not enough, you can improve your projects.

Health: Avoid excesses of all kinds. You probably think that you will not be affected by a little too much. Beware of backlash!

Mood: Take matters into your own hands!

Advice: If you want to move forward, put yourself forward, don’t wait for someone to offer you.


Love: You will find it difficult to invest yourself in a relationship that, however, started under the best supervision. Why this sudden change in attitude?

Work-Money: You will impress your colleagues and be persuasive. Your quick witness will win over the most reluctant. You will know how to work your arguments.

Health: Beware of greed!

Mood: Nothing unusual.

Tip: If you have an important message to convey, express it verbally instead of text.


Love: Single, your sense of humor is the key to your success. You will be found irresistible. Your relationship with the person in your life will be very good. Your partner will appreciate your passionate attitude.

Work-Money: Your expectations may be fulfilled. You must believe in this evolution. However, delays, problems of all kinds are likely to be in the background on this day. Sorry for your pain.

Health: Your tone may be jagged. You may be deficient in some trace minerals.

Mood: Very good day.

Tip: Be careful! Not all your wishes come true with the wave of a magic wand!

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