Here are 3 tips to make it last a lifetime (or at least as long as possible)

Understand how you and your partner work in love

Yes, because everyone has their own character, each person has a unique love that works. Studied by many psychologists and experts, there are many books on the market that can help you better understand why your loved one doesn’t always act the way you want. If you’re in a heterosexual relationship, you’ve probably heard one of your girlfriends tell you, ” But nevertheless, it is known: men are from Mars and women are from Venus “. This is also the title of the author’s bestseller John Gray, which explains to us why our lover acts as he does by addressing the themes of emotions, expectations and languages ​​of both sexes. And that’s right, if you don’t already know, everyone speaks their own love language. In total, we have listed 5:

the rewarding words : compliments, sweet words, words of thanks…

the quality time : walk, Netflix night for two, good restaurant…

the gifts : the little treat, the surprises, the flowers…

the services provided : little things that make life happy like washing your loved one’s car, helping him with his papers…

the physical touch : hug, kiss, massage…

This is explained in detail in the book ” The Love Languages ​​of Gary Chapman. By better understanding the emotional needs of you and your partner, you can avoid many conflicts that can damage the relationship. But sometimes it happens that we meet someone who, despite all the good will in the world, is not right for us. And to find out, we can only advise you to buy the book ” Are you made for each other? » the sociologist Stephen Edward. In addition to the pages of love dynamics, find 15 quizzes to complete to find out if your partner is really the “good one”.

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Learn to communicate with others

Have you passed all possible and unimaginable tests and quizzes, studied his horoscope long and wide and are you convinced that your man is the one for you? the communications, ultimately the lack of it, may be the cause of your pains. Yes, it seems very simple and yet, like any social relationship, it is the absolute key to a good understanding. Do you find it difficult to talk things out with your significant other? Don’t panic, the game Special Social Couples, you will gently learn to be with him. With 110 questions on the topics of living experiences, emotions, projects, intimacy and inspirations, you will read your relationship like an open book. With the same idea, we found the game Tell me, which will allow you to ask questions to refocus, share your best anecdotes or talk about your unknown fantasies by developing a warm bond. And that, we have to say we like the idea.

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rekindle the flame

Rekindling the flame doesn’t always have a direct relationship to sex. If you know your language of love and with your partner, you know that it can be done in many ways: go on weekends if he wants quality time, write him a love letter if he wants rewarding words or a improvised massage session for a better person. love the physical touch. And if you leave the choice to your Jules? With Wonderbox Love Emotion, he can choose from 14,100 activities offered. A romantic meal in a unique setting, a romantic night in a romantic hotel or a horse ride on the beach are all memorable memories that will heal you. And speaking of pampering yourself, one way to increase your life as a couple is to invest in a little toy. the Kami-Vibe Sync will make you squirm with pleasure both while the We are Vibe Jivea connected vibrating egg to use anywhere, wake up the big gamer in you.

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