He says he was looking for his dog with a crowbar in hand, thefts, electrocution … Miscellaneous facts from Nièvre in brief

On the route between Pougues-les-Eaux and Varennes-Vauzelles, police discovered a completely burned moped on Monday July 18, around 8:45 p.m.

Robbery with kicks

Recently visited Brassy’s second home. Police noticed the robbery on Monday July 18, around 5 p.m. Kicked the garage door to get inside. Stolen gardening equipment as well as a lawn tractor.

Advancement for an employee

A work accident occurred in Clamecy on Monday July 18. A maintenance technician was electrocuted at a food industry company around 6 p.m. Firefighters intervened and took him to the hospital for examination.

Do not jump from barge to barge

After several facts observed at the port of La Jonction in Nevers, the national police would like to remind “that diving in the port is strictly prohibited, as stipulated in an interterministerial order on 26/6/2017. a 1st class fine, ie 17 € … The swimming pool is less expensive! Riding barges to use them as a diving board is a domicile violation, it becomes a crime! Apart from the ban, it is about the safety of all.

End of the alcohol race in the barnums of Brico Dépôt, theft, accidents, narcotics … The various facts of Nièvre in short

A miner riding a stolen scooter

National police investigated a young minor riding a scooter, Sunday July 17, around 11 p.m., in Nevers. The forced Neiman (place to start your key) surprised them. The police then decided to hand the scooter to the file of the wanted vehicles. It was reported stolen. The young man was handed over to his legal guardian.

He came to feed the cats, he found that the house was back

As a good Samaritan went to feed his friends ’cats, he found the house of the latter recurring on Friday, July 15. The culprit (s) entered and inspected all the rooms. in this house on Boulevard Victor-Hugo, in Nevers. A proper inventory will be made when the owners return.

He was looking for his dog, holding the crowbar, in front of the forced garages

Good excuse or bad? Nevers police were called by a woman on Sunday, July 17, around 6 p.m. He saw a man with a crowbar, wearing black and gloves, walking down rue Jules-Verne. Arriving there, police found an individual who matched all aspects of the description. The latter tried to justify his presence by explaining to the police that he was looking for his dog. However, he had a crowbar in his hand and three garage doors next to him were broken. Just a coincidence? The police did not believe and they boarded the individual who lived in Varennes-Vauzelles.

Garbage was burned at the school

A trash can was set on fire at Marzy Elementary School. Mayor Louis-François Martin noticed this malicious act on Monday July 18 morning with the gendarmes. “A trash can, all the more classic, serves the purposes of some individuals who do not have the good ability to reflect on the consequences of their actions”, the storm Louis-François Martin, who saw injury. The black wall, plaster and an exploding pedestrian spotlight witnessed the flames burning on the cladding of the courtyard at the entrance to the Boutons d’Or school. The fire did not spread.

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