Harry Jowsey on his “real rock” relationship with Georgia Hassarati


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Don’t let social media fool you: Harry Jowsey’s “perfect” relationship with “Too Hot To Handle” co-star Georgia Hassarati isn’t “sunshine and rainbows all the time.”

In an exclusive interview with Page Six, Jowsey, 25, admitted that romance in Australians is actually “very difficult”.

“Maybe he doesn’t want me to say that,” he said, “but it’s very difficult. »

Jowsey, who moved from Queensland to Los Angeles after her breakout role in the inaugural season of Netflix’s ‘THTH’, told us that she and the 26-year-old brunette beauty, who hails from Brisbane and rose to fame during season 3 , “official” for four months.

While the genetically blessed couple lived together for three-quarters of that time in LA’s Jowsey pad, Hassarati returned to her hometown about a month before our interview with her blue-eyed boyfriend.

Harry Jowsey tells Page Six that his relationship with “Too Hot To Handle” alum Georgia Hassarati is “very rocky.”


Harry Jowsey tells Page Six that his relationship with “Too Hot To Handle” alum Georgia Hassarati is “very rocky.”


Harry Jowsey tells Page Six that his relationship with “Too Hot To Handle” alum Georgia Hassarati is “very rocky.”


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Jowsey said that the distance is a big problem for the couple because they share two love languages: quality time and physical contact.

“We took them, and we had all the distance between us,” he shared. “There are many reasons. I know my audience – they want to hear it’s sunny and rainbows all the time, but it’s not. It is very difficult to have something long distance.

“Thank you because tomorrow I will leave to see him, but the distance…is trying a lot on our relationship because we don’t communicate on the same frequency if you have any sense. For example, it takes him a few days to calm down, and I have to fix what the problem is so it can stop being serious,” he added.

“So we have many obstacles to overcome. »

The Season 3 star spent the past month in Australia.georgiahassarati/Instagram

At the time of our conversation, the duo’s most recent “obstacle” happened a few hours ago.

“Since this morning, he’s not very happy with me because I posted a stupid TikTok that I didn’t think about, but we talked on the phone and laughed about it, so everything is fine! Jowsey said that looks like a nervous smile, prompting us to ask about the TikTok in question.

“It was about 5 in the morning, and I posted this stupid TikTok where I had screenshots of my DMs with Hailee Steinfeld exposing herself a year ago. I was very grumpy,” the reality star shared. star. “It’s just something to watch and laugh at. »

The Season 1 star noted that a series of TikTok posts recently angered her long distance boyfriend.

The video shows Jowsey reminiscing about his past Instagram exchanges with the 25-year-old singer-actress, which included his flirty hello being met with her rapid “nahhhhh.”

Not a fan of the unprecedented Steinfeld-stan hatred that followed, the self-confessed ‘class clown’ said he quickly posted ‘a bunch of drafts to bury. [that video] UNDER [his] small page.

And in doing so, he “posted a draft with the woman who [he] used to see.

One of the videos shows Hailee Steinfeld once rejecting his advances.Getty Images

” [Hassarati] I didn’t appreciate it,” Jowsey admitted, without revealing which ex was featured in the deleted video. “And I said, ‘You know what, in hindsight, I wouldn’t appreciate it if you did that, so I apologize.’ »

“I know everyone wants this to be the perfect Hollywood couple on Instagram,” she added. “I was like, ‘No, no – we’re trying to figure it out. You don’t know. We’re worse than you! »

Jowsey is trying to become an actor and hopes to become a romantic comedy star.Getty Images

Along with modeling, creating lighthearted social media content and helping a local homeless man with cancer, Jowsey hopes to add a romantic comedy star to his eclectic resume.

He signed with talent agency WME in June and told Page Six that his dream is to become the next Ashton Kutcher (he wants to revive “Punk’D”) or Kevin Hart.

When asked who she’d like her love interest to see on the big or small screen, she had a ready answer: “Outer Banks” star Madelyn Cline.

His favorite leading lady: Madelyn Cline.Getty Images for Belvedere Vodka

“I feel like Madelyn Cline because she’s amazing,” Jowsey says with her nervous laugh. “I think he’s amazing. »

He added that the Netflix personality, 24, was “a lot of fun to watch”.


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