Haro to the high school pros!

Candidate Macron’s program, currently elected, is clearly threatening vocational high school, which has been designated as one of the main targets of the future government. He has now been elected and the measures announced must be defended for what they are: an attack on the public education service with dire consequences for students and staff.

A 50% increase in job placements: for whose benefit?

For vocational high school students, times spent on internship will increase by 50%. For the vocational baccalaureate, they are 30 weeks, compared to 18 to 22 weeks now. Blanquer’s reform has already ruined the number of hours of teaching the discipline: it’s not over yet!

We told ourselves that vocational high school was not the company.

It is the public education service that needs to be more for the benefit of equality and freedom of future workers. Not under “working”.

We also said that we would not accept large-scale layoffs that would undoubtedly be included in such a pro-management measure. On the contrary, we need work creations!

200 euros, 500 euros? We want a real salary for young people!

During these internships, students will receive a fee paid by the State of 200 euros per month until the age of 18, and 500 euros further, until the age of 25. In fact, this will only concern students. in the final year and in any case be subject to increased PFMP and work-study periods.

A “consideration” not supported by employers … but by the State, hence our taxes. This is once again a gift for bosses. As for the free and forced labor imposed on RSA recipients, it is still profitable for companies, benefiting more from the working class.

We demand real social wages for youth, funded by social security contributions such as retirement.

More learning means more inequality

“The strengthening of apprenticeship has led to a serious selection that excludes the poorest youth, women and young people from immigrant backgrounds. These audiences can be found in vocational high school.” (Prisca Kergoat, sociologist).

In fact, 60% of apprenticeship contracts are signed with higher education. It is not true to say that vocational high school students thus have better access to the “job market”. It’s even counterproductive because breach of the apprenticeship contract leads to cessation of training: a kind of “dropout” promoted by apprenticeship.

More apprenticeship and more job-study means transforming vocational high school more into waiting rooms for employment centers.

And for staff, it’s a worsening of working conditions and wages for many employers at risk (academic CFAs on the one hand, National Education on the other).

End of diplomas: what is the role of collective agreements?

Losing the BEP, let’s go, let’s skip the CAP and the Bac Pro while we’re at it! Aside from the fact that diplomas make it possible to link businesses and jobs to collective agreements, a source of power between unions and employers, of course … but also the protection of employees.

With the measures announced, everyone will go and sell their energy to work “independently” and alone against the bosses.

SUD Education has therefore called on staff to prepare for a major fight against this attack aimed at blasting high school vocationalists in a jigsaw style. From now on, we will begin the response to establish, during the union information period, the inter-departmental unions. Let’s let colleagues and family know: the balance of power is in our hands.

Organize, union!

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