Gaspar Noé’s “Love” could be banned for those under 18 years old

Following the intervention of the Ministry of Culture and Communication, Gaspar Noé’s “Love” could be banned for those under 18. The associations published a press release criticizing “intolerable political interference”.

love, Gaspar Noé’s new film will be released in theaters on July 15 and there are chances that minors will not be invited to the party. However, the CNC cinematographic works classification committee met ten days ago to study and finally classify the film in the category of “prohibited for those under 16”. But according to a press release from Wild Bunch (which co-produces and distributes the film), the Ministry of Culture and Communication called for a new examination on Friday June 26 aimed at increasing the ban .

In addition to rejecting the role of the CNC commission, the ministry’s intervention seems to be based on political considerations if, as one suggests. tweet Vincent Maraval-the boss of Wild Bunch, the request for re-evaluation is based on the claims of an association held by a “ megretist that even the FN no longer wants“.

The association in question, Promotion, firmly rooted in the far right, campaigned for pure and simple censorship of acts that did not fit their puritanical and reactionary ethical line.

In addition to Maraval’s violent tweets against Culture Minister Fleur Pellerin, associations are mobilizing to support the artistic integrity of Gaspar Noé’s film, and the independence of the CNC. The Observatory of Creative Freedom, together with DIRE (Reunited European Independent Distributors), the GNCR (National Group of Research Cinemas), the SDI (Union of Independent Distributors) and the SPI (Union of Independent Producers) published a press release (available at website of the League of Human Rights) where he criticized the “ intolerable political interference performed in the ministry. The press release protested that a “ well -known far right organization “there is more weight in government than” official structure such as the Classification Commission and accused the ministry of undermining freedom of expression, quoting without naming them the moral collapse that followed the attacks on Charlie Hebdo:

“While freedom of expression was on everyone’s mind a few months ago, it was alarming to see a socialist government bowing to attacks from the far right. In a rule of law, collective deliberation must take precedence over extremist needs. The Minister of Culture must ensure and guarantee the creative freedom of all writers, defend them against totalitarian ideologies and show the path of progressivism instead of following that of a hypocritical and reactionary moral order ”.

The press release also puts the case in a broader context by pointing the finger at other similar cases, which occur in a climate ” restrictive about the cinema.

“The concern is exacerbated because the case of Gaspar Noé’s film is about a broader dynamic of censorship and suppression of practices in France: municipalities decide to deprogramming theTimbuktuState Council ruled against the recommendation of the Minister of Culture for Nymphomaniac by Lars Von Trier and 3D detectedjust talking about cinema… ”

The Observatory of Creative Freedom concludes by calling “ solemn that the Minister of Culture and Communication respect the decision of the Classification Commission, or otherwise, his personal decision“, who did not hesitate to say that otherwise Fleur Pellerin would be” the new Minister of Culture, Communication and State Censorship. »

If the ministry has no reaction at the moment, the sentence should not last long, the release of the film is imminent. Until then, the sulfur teaser on loveaired yesterday Monday, June 29 as a snub of the Minister of Culture can be seen here.

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