Game of Thrones fan, Estelle, first breeder in France with a litter of wolfdogs

Estelle Chapelin is the only breeder in France with a Northern Inuit litter. He lives in Martigny (Seine-Maritime), near Dieppe. (© Les Informations Dieppois)

When we go toprocreation Alfheim by Estelle Chapelain, of Martignyclose to Dieppe (Seine Maritime)don’t expect to see kennels with dogs who flirts.

At home, it is gentleness and kindness that prevails for his dogs. So his pack, he just hosted it in his house. For Estelle Chapelain, breeding is above all a passion and not a job. In addition, he worked in the banking sector as an assistant in the professional department.

A favorite from a series

For 13 years, he raised Dalmatians, but after a while he started breeding again. Northern Inuit or Northern Inuit, which is its second denomination.

The Northern Inuit are a RACE created since the 80s, resulting from many crosses that mixed Huskie, Malamute and German Shepherd. The result is a Nordic looking dog, pulling the balloonbut with a calm, intelligent nature.

Estelle Chapelain loved this breed since she saw the series game of thrones where as a reminder, every child in the Stark family owns this type of dog in the first season.

Also, during a trip to Ireland, where he visited the filming locations of his favorite series, he encountered, more or less by chance, a Northern Inuit farm. After a while, Sansa, a beautiful girl, became part of the family.

For Estelle Chapelain, the Northern Inuit is a dog close to children and a pot of glue:

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I like the primitive part of it, because the wolf is the ancestor of the dog. The Northem Inuit has all the physical characteristics of its ancient ancestors, with the intelligent nature of a domestic dog. He is not an athletic dog like the Huskie who has to exert himself. The northern Inuit are more than just a household.

Estelle Chaplain

Side measurements, the male measures from 64 to 76 cm and the female from 58 to 71 cm for a weight of approximately 30 kg.

The first French breeder with litters

Enthusiastic about these animals, Estelle Chapelain spoke to the Northem Inuit Society based in England, which is the world reference for this breed, because in France, this type of dog has not yet been referred.

This love for the Northern Inuit made Martinaise the first breeder with a litter of Northern Inuit in France:

“As far as I know, there is very little breeding of this breed, and I was the first to have a litter. »

Sansa, his 3-year-old daughter gave birth to five puppies: Vignette, Tourmaline, Imogen, Jonah and Runyan.

Estelle Chapelain chose her puppies’ first names in reference to another series she loves: Carnival Row.

Of the five puppies, one will go to Switzerland, another to the Channel, two others will stay in the region and little Vignette will stay with Sansa in Martigny.

A waiting list to get your dog

Among future owners, some have been waiting for two years, so the demand is high:

“I’ve already had requests from Lithuania, Germany and the USA, plus all over France, but I don’t want to hurt Sansa. Future customers are on the waiting list for at least a year to a year and a half, I estimate the next litter at the end of 2023″, specified Estelle Chapelain.

The latter reminds us that adopting a dog should be a conscious act because it involves a great responsibility, time and cost. So he takes many precautions before agreeing to let one of his little darlings go to a new family.

Practical: more information on the Facebook pages Estelle Chapelain or Alfheim, but also by phone at 06 17 98 38 44.

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