from his 1st job to crazy love with François Hollande

Do you know the secrets of the brilliant actress? Her job at a fast food restaurant, her son’s illness, her Circus School experience, what was “hard” about Hollande, her “little corner of paradise”, her hard mourning … and everything you didn’t know about Julie Gayet.

She just celebrated her 50th birthday … and most of all, to marry François Hollande, after years of liaison with the former President of the Republic, first hid, then believed, but always in his wise way, he who in spite of his work, escaped the spotlight. The famous actress is determined to leave her mark in French cinema and continues to impress us with her roles. Recently, TF1 viewers saw it in 4-episode fiction A perfect mother, by Fred Garson, in which he gave the answer to Tomer Sisley. But do you really know the fifty -year -old actress? his work in a fast food restaurant, circus schoolhis “corner of paradise“, he life event with François Hollandethe child painhis “sorrow“, he said large defect… and other bubbly actress secrets.

Julie Gayet: a golden family

Julie Gayet was born in 1972, raised by a mother who sells antiques and a professor of digestive surgery father at the Montsouris Mutualist Institute. He is the former mentor of Jérôme Cahuzac, the former budget minister. Thérèse Gayet, the actress ’great -grandfather, is one of three first French women to graduate in medicine.

Julie Gayet is a goalkeeper

Julie Gayet football enthusiast! “I really like football. I am a goalkeeper and captain of my team“, He said south-west.

Julie Gayet attended circus school

In addition to being an outstanding football player, Julie Gayet practices lyrical singing in his youth, then made the school at Circus Fratellini.

This is a great school that I recommend to everyone. This is really the idea of ​​a troop. Lots of work, rehearsals, everyone had their little chance of being brave, at the scene, but in the end, everyone was going up and down the marquee, selling pancakes at intermission.“, He recalls south-west. And to be clear:I’m a tightrope walker, I walk a tightrope, tightrope walker“.

Julie Gayet is responsible for fast food

At the same time, this theater enthusiast is taking acting lessons. To pay for her classes, Julie Gayet became a waitress in several restaurants, and even “fast food manager“, He said Capital of Paris.

Julie Gayet: what was “difficult” in her relationship with Hollande

In January 2014, it thundered. More close reveals the relationship between François Hollande and Julie Gayet. Who doesn’t remember the famous One where we see the Head of State on a scooter? For the actress, the consequences of this revelation have no appeal. “Very difficult. Maybe I was a little bit around at the time. Fortunately, I have a production house (Rouge International was created in 2007, editor’s note) ”, he told Cine TV Review.

Moreover, at the time of the exercise of the mandate of his colleague President Julie Gayet was not independent of his actions: “During the Paris attacks, I had to go to Belgium to shoot a film I was making, and I can’t for security reasons“.

Julie Gayet and François Hollande: rumors of separation?

Julie Gayet shout it out loud and clear: everyone is working with it Francois Hollande ! The 50-year-old actress and the former President of the Republic are more united than ever, meanwhile Here is the announced a connection between the former head of state and the dancer Juliette Gernez, in 2020. The magazine argues that François Hollande betrayed the bubbly actress and regularly went to Elie Semoun’s ex-girlfriend … on a scooter. Like a deja vu. Since then, key stakeholders have formally denied rumors.

From the start of the scandal, Julie Gayet wanted to lower the soufflé by posting a photo in which she appeared smiling next to his companion, on Twitter. “It was a way of responding that ‘everything is fine, thank you’, we don’t have that anymore. We knew what we were going through we know we love each other, our privacy does not apply to anyone. Have to come to it, post a photo to prevent attacks, it’s awesome“, The actress believed The world.

Julie Gayet and her relationship in Holland: what is “sick”

Since revealing their story in 2014, the actress and former head of state made it a point of honor maintaining a low profile, without hiding. “We always told ourselves, with François, that everyone had their own career, their job and that we didn’t have to show up together. But if not, we will say we are separated. Whatever we do, it will fall to us“, he lamented, still The world.

The actress tries not to be discouraged by the criticisms that mix and the false rumors many, but sometimes it’s hard to save face: “My father always repeated to me the expression: ‘The mud of the frog cannot reach the white dove.’ But if, it comes, it hurts, it creates surprises. It hurts for family and can discourage friends“.

Julie Gayet: alcohol during pregnancy

To uncompress, Julie Gayet enjoyed a pint of beer every now and then. ACCORDING The worldit’s time her pregnancies that François Hollande’s companion began to taste this fermented alcohol. “I was told at the time that that was it very good for lactation“, He explained.

Julie Gayet admits she was a “walking disaster”

Julie Gayet did not hide her major flaw. “I am the most mischievous and clumsy woman on earth. A walking disaster between Pierre Richard and Buster Keaton“, he admitted in an interview with Capital of Paris.

Julie Gayet: her “real mourning”

Above all, if a strong blow threatened to knock him down, he could take refuge the comedy, his lifelong love. In 2007, the cinephile though created its own production company, Rouge International, thanks to which he was able to work with 6 people and make 16 films. But a few months ago, the actress had to deal with it turn this page of his life.

Just after the lockdown, investors no longer came. It was a very painful decision to make because we did a good job, it was real mourning“, he explained, the soul in pain.

Julie Gayet: her son’s serious illness

But if the mother ofEzekiel, 22, and Thaddeus, 21was born in his former relationship with the writer Santiago Amigorenaslowed down, mainly because of the severe illness of one of his two sonsACCORDING The worldwithout revealing further.

Julie Gayet: her “little corner of paradise”

Since 2018, it is in Tulle, in Corrèze, that Julie Gayet and François Hollande had happy days. “One day, a journalist asked me where I would like to go if there was a possibility of going anywhere in the world. I answered that my little corner of paradise is Tulle“, he assured that Pascale Clark’s microphone was on European 1.

François Hollande specified in France 3: “Tulle, place I introduced Julie, not necessarily for the sights, but for the people. They are the ones who convince you of the beauty of a place“.

Julie Gayet will no longer cook (or almost) thanks to François Hollande!

If the actress cooked a lot when her children were young, she is now less likely to wear her apron. And with good reason, cordon bleu is really his man! “I have seen people who cooking very, very good. Not only does he cook well, but, like all good cooks, he buys, he goes to market.“, he revealed to Laurent Mariotte over the microphoneEuropean 1. “He cooked everythinghe has this ability to open the refrigerator, to take what is there and to make a little starter, a main course.“, he clarified.

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